MAYSAMA Green Rooibos Pressed Serum


Green tea lotion, cream, or serum applied 15 minutes before an LED treatment accelerates results and can have a visible effect on facial wrinkles and fine lines in only one-tenth of the time it takes for LED therapy alone to reduce wrinkles.

Since I read that, I always apply a green tea-based product before I use my CurrentBody LED Face Mask.

For years, I used Tonymoly The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream (lotion and toner) but it became difficult to track down after Boots and Feel Unique no longer stocked the range and it was always sold out on the official site.

Update – just checked and Debenhams now stock it, though it comes from an outside retailer.

So I moved on to CurrentBody Green Tea Serum 30ml for £45.00 CurrentBody * A clear, easily absorbed serum. It’s formulated to complement CurrentBody’s LED masks. I got so used to it, that I was able to apply it to my super-sensitive neck with irritation.

I don’t know how you can truly measure faster results using the serum with the masks but the main difference I found was that my skin was clearer after a few months of use. It’s another annoying ‘ageing’ thing but I find my skin can become suddenly blotchy so this serum helped a lot. Plus I was able to leave it on the skin afterwards as it just melts in.

CurrentBody Green Tea Serum

Clinically proven to accelerate the skin-rejuvenating effects of LED light therapy, users noticed fewer wrinkles when they applied green tea serum before using LED devices.

Apply a few drops to freshly cleansed skin and supercharge your results. Achieve instantly plumper, more hydrated, fresher-looking skin from the very first use.

Two drops covered the whole face so the bottle lasted for about four months.

Of course that was also out of stock for a while and I didn’t want to lose any benefit so I looked for alternatives and found this.

MAYSAMA Green Rooibos Pressed Serum

  • An award-winning antioxidant serum formulated with Green Rooibos Extract [GRE].
  • Patented extraction, enhances antioxidant potential of our GRE 70-fold
  • Proven to enhance outcomes with Red LED Light Therapy treatments
  • Formulated with 1.3% GRE, 3% niacinamide and loaded with humectants.
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients, eco-friendly glass packaging & recycled cartons
  • Vegan & Leaping Bunny approved
  • Free from essential oils, fragrance and known EU allergens
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and rosacea
  • pH 5.0 – 5.5


For Antioxidant Protection & Repair – Apply one pump to face and neck after cleansing and before heavier/ oil-based serums or moisturisers. Use AM or PM. For AM use, always follow with an SPF.

For use with LED Light Therapy Treatment as a combination Therapy – apply to cleansed skin and allow 15-20 minutes for serum to be fully absorbed before commencing LED Light Therapy Treatment.

Do not wash off. After LED light treatment, continue with the rest of your skincare routine.


Bold claims, but what made me finally buy it was the in-depth review and research from a fabulous, no-nonsense YouTuber called Pampered Wolf.  Hit her channel and you’ll lose a day gorging on her straight-talking videos. Her stunning 60-plus mum regularly appears on the channel and I just want to buy everything she uses. She’s also a massive fan and long-time user of LED devices.

The serum is a reddy bronze colour and I have to admit it does smart a little when first applied. This is a potent serum, it takes a bit of getting used to.

If you use your LED devices at night, you can leave the serum on, though I find it leaves a patchy pinkness on the skin.

I’ve only used one bottle so far but the result here is that my skin is suddenly a lot more glowy which I’m sure is also due in part to the niacinamide.

A word about the bottle. I was using it every other day for a couple of months but the serum didn’t seem to be going down. It’s only 30ml – same as the CurrentBody one at more or less the same price, but here I was using a couple of pumps, not drops.

Then one day, no product came out at all. I dismantled it and the bottle is coloured on the inside. The serum is housed in a thick plastic bag inside the bottle, it’s not a bad thing, but just something to be aware of.


Green Rooibos Pressed Serum – The regular price is £46.00.

Use code WOLF10 (not my code but I’m all for spreading blogger love) for a 10% discount. 


10 Evidence-Based Benefits of Green Tea Healthline


Of course, drinking green tea – you need three cups a day to reap all the anti-ageing benefits, is a wonderful and cheap way to get those powerful antioxidants inside you.

I find that I always mistime taking the bag out even if I’m hovering over the mug with a timer and it becomes bitter. But that’s not a problem, as an alternative to buying green tea serum and creams you could always apply the cooled tea directly to your skin with a cotton wool pad, then use your devices.

Here’s something I really want to do, which seems easy, but…

green tea

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