I initially thought Tecni Art Hot Style Constructor was purely a heat styling spray, not a heat protective one, but it appears to be both. This product was highly recommended by hairdressers in several You Tube ‘Wavy Gravy’ hair tutorials.

I realise now of course, that this spray works with the heat to create and hold a style while protecting hair from heat damage. It is to be used on dry hair. I always worry about heat appliances used on dry hair, the idea here, is that it gives hair a protective coating and ‘holds’ your style.


This texturising spray styles and fixes your hair, without leaving it heavy or sticky. L’Oréal Professionnel tecni.art Hot Style Constructor provides natural hold and is suitable for all hair types.
L’Oréal Professionnel tecni.art Hot Style Constructor can be reapplied endlessly and its Thermo-active Construction enables its styling properties to become extreme under heat. Hot Style products are hyper-activated by heat. This range is the choice of the session stylist combining art and technology to create the latest looks for that hot night out.


  • Construct a section on your damp or dry hair
  • Apply Hot Style Constructor throughout your hair
  • Model with the fingers to create the desired look
  • Leave to dry naturally or with heat (hair dryers, straightening irons, curling tongs or heated rollers) depending on the look.

I bought it to use with the BaByliss 2307BU Boutique Soft Waves Hair Styler (which I STILL haven’t used for fear of frying my hair). But I think now I’ll use it with my hairdryer and see how it works out with that first.

Talking of hairdryers, do you nozzle or not nozzle? One hairdresser told me to always use one, because it directs heat to the portion of hair you want to style, but without over heating the rest of your hair. Then another one told me NOT to use one because it concentrates too much heat to only one portion of your hair. WHICH IS IT?


This L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Hot Style Constructor protects, thickens and acts as dry shampoo (really?) all in one, good all round product. Highly recommend.

My Hairdresser used this on my hair – excellent for quick styling, non sticky, easy to use, covers hair with just the right amount of product. I have the alternative to this in styling cream from L’oreal, but wished I bought this version instead! I’m going to order myself some from this website as I was very impressed!

This is the best finishing product I have ever used – after blow drying your hair you just spray a light mist over your hair then use your hairdryer and fingers to texturise. Absolutely brilliant! My hair doesn’t normally hold curls very well, using this spray definitely helps define curls which last!


Not loving this. I am not sure if this is really protecting, and sometimes I cannot get my flat-iron (straighteners) to flatten as well as using other products. It leaves my hair so sticky that it gets stuck in the flat-iron and breaks off. < WHAT?
I don’t care for the smell either – really, is unscented such a holy grail? I spend a fortune on perfumes, but I smell like hair products all the time! I wouldn’t repurchase and I am having a tough time using it up. I take only this on trips so I am forced to finish it up.
I needed something to protect my hair from my straightening iron and from humidity. This product does both fairly well, without weighting my hair down. I would not however buy it again because it’s expensive and I find that the packaging is awful: the spray is wasteful; I spray it in my hands instead. I’ll try to find something cheaper next time.

It’s a tough one, I will definitely give it a whirl with my hairdryer, but not with any other heat styling appliances, just yet!

L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Constructor £11.45 Feel Unique

UPDATE: 20th August 2014

I know it’s not even been a month, but I don’t like this at all and it’s definitely not me. I’ve watched the You Tube tutorials by hair care gurus, read the rave reviews, and even followed the instructions to the letter, but every-single-time, this product leaves my hair fluffy.

I fully understand it needs heat to be activated, I used my BaByliss Big Hair Brush for this, but I was expecting shine and smoothness, not the unwanted texture of fluffiness.

I even ran the GHD’s over a section of hair to see if it would make a difference – no, nada, nothing but fly-aways.

However, I did use it on a friend with dark, thick, short layered hair. I put in Velcro rollers, spritzed the hair with Tecni Art and whooshed it with a hair dryer. Not only did her hair hold the curl all night, but it held the volume all of the next day as well.

Possible conclusion? Techni Art Constructor – Best for thick hair, not so great on fine hair.

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