L’oréal Paris Elvive Hydra Hyaluronic 8 Second Wonder Water

L'oréal Paris Elvive Hydra Hyaluronic 8 Second Wonder Water

It’s a nice change to recommend a reasonably priced hair product that gives instant results.

I was a big fan of L’Oréal Dream Lengths 8 Second Wonder Water a couple of years ago, but couldn’t get used to the faint chemical smell lingering in the bathroom afterwards.

Plus, there was a bit of a fuss by some bloggers who said there was an ingredient in it that wasn’t good for the hair. I never know when to believe these rumours, one person with influence says it and everyone else jumps on the bandwagon.

For me, it was the scent that made me stop using it, although I think I have two unopened bottles lying around. That’s me, if I like something I duplicate buy.


The ultra-lightweight, silicone-free formula is powered by breakthrough Lamellar Water Technology and infused with a shot of Hyaluronic Acid.

It forms a film of care (they mean product) around the fibre to smooth hair and maintain a healthy look. Hair is visibly transformed with an instant and intense feeling of hydration, a glassy shine, and a silky touch. It works wonders in just 8 seconds.

Effective on all hair types, ranging from thin, fine to thick, curly textures.

Scientifically designed for dry, damaged, and dehydrated hair. The silicone-free formula provides no weigh-down, even for ultra-fine hair.


After shampooing, apply to lengths only. Massage for 8 seconds and rinse out.

For fine to medium textured hair, apply 1 dose (=20ml). Nope, too much. Plus the ‘markings’ are impossible to measure out as they only start half way up the bottle. 

For thick to curly textured hair, apply 2-3 doses. No way! Again, that’s far too much.

Follow with conditioner if needed. Nope. I apply and rinse the conditioner out and then use this as a last step. 

You may feel a slight warming sensation when the product activates. Yes!



I was looking for an alternative to Dream Lengths and cracked open a bottle of Hydra in Boots just to make sure the scent wasn’t too strong. There is still a slight chemical whiff but nothing half as bad as Dream Lengths.

A word of warning though, the cap is flimsy and super fragile. The sales assistant even managed to break a nozzle clean off as she was ringing it up. Later on, one of the caps unscrewed itself in my bag and started to leak. Very poor design.

After my conditioner, I apply a good few drops (nowhere near 20ml)  to only the lengths of my hair as directed and massage it in gently between my fingers. Then I rinse off with water as cool as I can bear.

As a side note, I find that sometimes when I’ve applied a rich, creamy conditioner it feels like I can’t properly rinse it all out towards the ends. Hydra Wonder Water seems to dissolve any remaining residue.

You can feel there’s a slight coating on your hair pre-blow dry, but when it is dry, it is as smooth as silk – never flat unless you use too much. You cannot feel any product weighing your hair down so those claims are certainly true and hair does seem a little fuller, but most importantly, hair is mirror-shiny which lasts at least three days without becoming greasy.

It’s usually impossible to get a shine on blonde hair, dark hair shades reflect the light, while blonde and white colours absorb it so to create shine you need to add a coating of product. Because of this, it is important to use a detox shampoo every couple of weeks to prevent build-up.

I try hard not to use Hydra Wonder Water every time I wash my hair, but it’s difficult as it guarantees a glossy shine every time. I can only imagine how gorgeous dark hair looks after using this product.

More good news, one bottle has lasted me nearly two years.


The lowest price I ever paid for Dream Lengths Wonder Water was £3.00. I think Hydra was around £4.99 18 months ago – today it is £11.99.

However, sign up for the Superdrug membership programme (free) and it’s down to £5.99. A perfect price for a perfect product.

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