Look Better in Photos: 35 Second Eye Exercise

Quick eye lift effectA timely bump for Christmas. So, you’re having your photo taken or, you’re taking a ‘selfie’ and your pout is perfect but your eyes are looking a bit tired and droopy. What can you do to make yourself look wide awake and more importantly, YOUNGER in an instant?

Try this sneaky 35 second eye exercise just before you take your photograph, and check out the bright-eyed beauty staring back at you.

Copyright Cynthia Rowland Facial Magic

I will admit that at first, this video does feel a little ‘spoof’ like, the deep breathing part is slightly comical and will make you smile, but stay with it and follow the clear instructions to the letter, for real results.

As a quick fix to take a nicer photo, then yes, I’d recommend this simple little exercise. In the long-term though, as an eye exercise, it certainly can’t hurt.

I can’t vouch for how long the effect lasts because I haven’t hung out in front of a mirror to time it (although I probably will at some point!) but I’ll tell you something, the effect is INSTANT!

The exercise is not rocket science, it works by temporarily lifting the muscles around the eyes using isometric resistance, the important thing is that it does work. It’s also a little bit shocking/exciting to see how good you’d look with an eyelid lift!

The video and all copyright to the Facial Magic exercises belongs to Cynthia Rowland. Check her out!

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