Longer, stronger nails (UPDATED)

    UPDATED 24th February 2013

Since the ‘horse meat scandal’, I’ve stopped taking sachets of ‘Gelatine’ (gelatin).

I’m aware that it’s produced by ‘boiling the connective tissues, bones and skins of animals, usually cows and pigs’ and manufacturers have to adhere to stringent food processing requirements.

It certainly WILL make your nails stronger and longer in a short space of time but yet I can’t help thinking that perhaps they’ve thrown a few horses’ hooves into the mix. You know, horse hooves – nails…

I’m joking of course, but I would now say don’t take it as it IS currently being investigated by the Food Standards Agency.

Those pesky vegetarians, they had it right all the time.

Read more: http://www.madehow.com/Volume-5/Gelatin.html#b#ixzz2Lp776it8


I read this tip years ago on a hair loss forum (I had just been diagnosed with an under active thyroid so was researching like a fiend) looking for hair care  tips.

Hand on heart, I couldn’t see any discernible difference regarding hair strength or growth, but my previously weak nails grew fast and more importantly, strong.

Expect it to take about 3 weeks before you see any difference.

Glass of water, sachet of gelatine

Daily – Tip a whole sachet of Gelatine™ (brand name) into a glass of cold water and stir like a maniac until it’s dissolved; drink immediately before the mixture starts to jellify (that’s not even a real word, is it?)

Remember, this is beef gelatin and is not suitable for vegetarians. Sadly, whilst the veggie equivalent, ‘Vege-Gel’ will set your jellies, it won’t do anything for your nails, ditto, leaf gelatin.

I take the gelatin daily for a maximum of 6 weeks and only start taking it again, if my nails weakened. I wouldn’t recommend taking it long term, just because it is a beef bone product.  Although check out the Wiki page on gelatin for more information and the regulated manufacturing processes that have to be adhered to.

However, as it IS so revolting and ‘grainy’, here’s what I sometimes do to make it a little  more palatable.

I throw in a Berocca (though Boots do a perfectly good, cheaper vitamin c alternative) and a  sachet of Spatone Iron water.

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