REVIEW Too Faced Hangover 3 in 1 Spray

Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Primer Setting Spray

It took me a while to get on board with this ‘cult’ setting spray. I received a mini version with the Too Faced ‘Beauty Sleep’ kit. I didn’t rate it much as a setting spray because the supposedly ‘fine mist’ spewed out so thick and wet, that it was like throwing a bucket of water over my face.

As a pre-makeup primer, it took ages to dry but even then it stayed tacky, so that was rubbish and I wouldn’t even consider using it during the day as a makeup refresher.

However, a tip from Wayne Goss makeup artist changed my mind completely and I’m currently on (expensive) bottle number 3. High praise indeed considering it costs a whopping £30.00 for £120ml.

I use it with my foundation and my makeup is locked in for the day. Doesn’t budge, cake up or oxidize.


Spray 3-4 pumps of setting spray into your palm, add your usual amount of liquid foundation, blend together and apply.

It is quite messy to mix in your hand – depending on the foundation (oil or water-based), the coconut water formulation has a tendency to separate, but you get there eventually, even though it looks murky.

Thankfully the scent isn’t overly strong, not that I mind the coconut fragrance because it reminds me of Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil of old. Coconut oil + cocoa butter + banana oil = sunshine holidays + happy memories. Not great for your skin though, the ‘protection factor’ was something like 2 or if you didn’t want to crisp up – 4! But let’s forget about that bit.

Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Primer Setting Spray

  • A weightless 3-in-1 coconut water-infused mist that primes sets and refreshes makeup while keeping skin hydrated
  • Perfect for all-day use and a mid-day refresher
  • Can be used as a primer, setting spray, and refresher

For what it is, it really is far too expensive, but I’ve tried other setting sprays and nothing comes close. My foundation didn’t budge during that heatwave a couple of years ago when the temperature hit 30C+ I mean, the rest of me was soaked with sweat but my makeup didn’t budge.


I love reading real people’s reviews. Too Faced Hangover 3 in 1 is a love or hate product.

I have dehydrated menopausal skin that is STILL prone to hormonal outbreaks! I use serum, water-holding moisturiser, hydrating primer, make up – then this super product which keeps my face glowing, comfortable, fresh looking and my make up where I want it until it’s time to double cleanse and prep for bed.

Gives me glow and moisture. I’ve tried NYX, Glam Glow and Urban Decay’s setting sprays and this beats them hands down.

I haven’t noticed a particular glow effect, but it definitely lifts a matt foundation and stops it looking so flat which is what ageing skin is crying out for.


I can use it only as a Primer because it gives me a tacky base. (TOLD YOU!) When I use it as a setting spray my face is sooooooo sticky and it doesn’t dry down. (I HEAR YOU SISTA!) I hate that feeling that you could glue a stamp or something on my face. Yes, looks nice but that feeling… I will use it up but I won’t buy it again.

The spray wets your face rather than mists it. (YAS QUEEN!) It smudged my mascara immediately. (DITTO!) I think it’s definitely not a setting spray, more a refresher when wearing no makeup. (ERM…) Will be nice on holiday but not for setting make up, which is why I bought it.

This is kinda like Mac Fix+ but upgraded. It gives you that really nice dewy look if you spray it on after your makeup, but doesn’t increase the longevity of your makeup THAT much. I have super oily skin so I’m guessing it’s suited more for dry skin.

I really like it as a primer though, when I am in a rush to get ready. It gives your face a tacky base that makes your makeup go on pretty well without having to spend ages massaging in a traditional primer.

THE SPRAY NOZZLE SUCKS. It’s so hard to work with. You have to spray it really rapidly (prepare for your fingers to cramp) in order to get a fine mist. Otherwise, you’ll get large droplets just sitting on your face which is not a nice feeling or look. (YAS!)

Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Primer Setting Spray 120ml £27.00 BOOTS *


I was checking out the cheapest place to buy Hangover 3 in 1, although it appears to be out of stock nearly everywhere and the price doesn’t vary more than a pound (it’s definitely in stock at BOOTS though) and I came across THIS glorious looking palette from Look Fantastic. Apart from skincare/makeup essentials, I’m not buying another thing until lockdown ends, but this might be first on the list, a fresh start, and all that jazz.

Too Faced Born This Way The Natural Nudes Skin-Centric Eyeshadow Palette £32.00 Look Fantastic  *Too Faced Born This Way The Natural Nudes Skin-Centric Eyeshadow Palette

Nude eyeshadow palettes are ten a penny, but this one looks very wearable and I love a whisper of shimmer.

Then I read this:

Overall I am very happy with this purchase. The matte shades are beautiful and blend effortlessly. (YAY!) I will definitely use this palette on a daily basis however I found the shimmer shades difficult to work with.

All of them look like pressed glitter to me. (NOOO!) They are chunky and when applied on the eyelids do not look natural at all.

I’ve watched a few tutorials using this palette, which didn’t help much, it’s annoying when the vloggers use ring lights to make themselves look prettier on screen because it tends to bleach out the colour, so I can’t get a handle on what the true shades look like. The mattes seem to be blendable and highly pigmented, but now I’m nervous about the shimmers, especially as some reviewers say fallout is a real problem.

If you own this palette and love or don’t love it, please let me know.


I feel I have to mention this. The beauty industry loves a bit of drama and Too Faced (part of Estée Lauder) has had more than its fair share of controversy.

There was a scandal a few years ago when Too Faced ‘allegedly’ sent out a particular eyeshadow palette to vloggers that was of a higher quality than the ones they actually sold. One vlogger/makeup guru in particular felt she lost credibility with her viewers by recommending a ‘substandard’ product.

Roll on to late 2019 and that same vlogger was forced to come out as transgender before she was ready. We’ve never found out who or what organisation or publication did this, but to her credit, Nikkie de Jager (of NikkieTutorials) told her own story, her way. I think she should have named them, what if the next person they blackmail doesn’t have the same support network in place?

Anyway, back to Too Faced. Someone who was a family member who worked for the company then made some unpleasant remarks about Nikki and she was rightly sacked from the company shortly afterward. This is a condensed version of the background as I’ve researched it (apologies if I’ve made any errors). Naturally, it left a bad feeling in some quarters with a move to boycott Too Faced products, which I wasn’t aware of until today.

I haven’t found an alternative to Hangover Spray, so I will continue to buy it. That doesn’t mean I condone the remarks, just that I haven’t found a better replacement.

Personally, I dislike any drama in my life – which is definitely an ‘age’ thing because I loved it in my 20s.

However, I don’t mind reading about it!

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