It was my own fault – which always makes it so much worse, don’t you think?

I was so excited about having my hair highlighted again after six long months, that I bought a can of Living Proof’s Colour Care Whipped Glaze to keep my highlights looking fresh when they started to fade. I also thought it would counteract any brassiness. My (unnatural) blonde hair WANTS to be orange and usually turns that shade five weeks after colouring.


A whipped glaze that deposits temporary dyes to instantly boost vibrancy and counteract colour fading and brassiness. For blondes and highlights.


This nourishing glaze works by depositing temporary dyes onto hair for immediately boosted shade (nope) and rebalanced tone. A conditioning base and emollient blend contribute softness (negative) and enhance natural shine (does opposite) while restructuring agents help to reseal the hair’s cuticles and replenish locks. The result is hair that’s easy to comb (no, it was murder to detangle) when wet as well as maximised dye performance for shinier, more vibrant tresses (lies).


Begin using this product when you first start to see a shift in your tone. (But I just couldn’t wait, could I?). The colour-enhancing benefits of this product can last through multiple shampoos. (It took two scrubby shampoos to soften my hair).

For best results, apply to damp hair after every other time you wash your hair.


Shake well. Start with clean, detangled towel-dried hair. Hold the can upright and dispense a small amount into your palm. Working in sections, apply the product from roots to ends. Comb through to evenly distribute. Apply more as needed.

DO NOT RINSE OUT. Wash hands after applying. Style as usual. Reapply as needed to maintain the desired tone.


There is a LIGHT version with purple pigment for blondes, and a DARK one with red and blue pigment in it to even out red and dark hair colour. I choose the ‘Light’ shade of course.

The fragrance is lovely. Products like this with purple pigment usually have a distinctive chemical smell, but I’d be happy to wear this scent as hair perfume.

Unfortunately, after such a promising start, it was downhill all the way. For me, with my fine, highlighted hair, this was a horrible product that did the opposite of what it promised.

The term ‘whipped glaze’ implies that it’s a light, airy foam, but no, this is a dense mousse you could sculpt animal shapes from.

As directed, I sectioned my clean, towel-dried, combed hair, and dispersed a dollop of mousse. I felt it was heavy so only used two pumps in total. One loosely massaged in at the back and one on the top, down the lengths.

LIVING PROOF COLOR CARE WHIPPED GLAZEMy hair immediately felt very stiff and claggy. I was hoping that once I combed it through to the ends it would soften, but nope.

The comb caught my hair – which is in the best condition it’s ever been in and a tangle appeared from nowhere and then I had a knot! It was as if I’d overloaded my hair with too much product which we’ve all done, but this was only a light application.

I probably should have washed it out, but I’d spent ages washing and conditioning it and using the amazing Colleen Rothschild Quench & Shine Mask that I couldn’t be arsed bothered to go through it all again. My hair is still quite long –  at least 3 inches below my shoulders, but because it’s in good nick I can get away with wearing it this length. Women of any age can have long hair if it’s in good condition.

Anyway, I blow-dried it, which took a long time because it was so weighed down. I was hoping the heat would activate the product because that does happen sometimes, but, no such luck here.

Once dry – or as dry as I could get it, it still felt damp, and my hair looked dull. I’m not exaggerating when I say, it looked like it stripped my hair of colour. In fairness, it could have been a chemical reaction to the highlighting, but isn’t it specifically formulated to brighten highlighted hair?

To be transparent, I should also point out that I used the glaze just three weeks after I had my hair coloured when it was at its peak blonde and super shiny stage. I know, I know.

Two washes later and it’s silky with a little shine again, but the colour has definitely faded.

I’m not sure how well the dark version works. Dark hair reflects shine better than blonde hair (which absorbs light) which is why it always looks shinier, maybe the red and blue pigments in the product help with that shine?

Don’t get me wrong, Living Proof has some very decent products. I like their Full Dry Volume Blast Spray to perk up fine, greasy hair (second only to Phillip Kingsley One More Day Dry Shampoo), and I’ve also used Perfect Hair Day 5-In-1 Styling Treatment, a leave-in styling cream to smooth and volumise hair which does work and is a handy size to pack, but this whipped glaze is not for me.

I recently found a review that agreed with me on the Space NK site from a top contributor, SMHE who also used the light shade, so I feel slightly validated. But I wish I’d read this earlier.

I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW THIS WORKS FOR OTHERs – My coloured hair suffers from dullness so I’m always looking for a good product to give shine and tone down redness whilst not being too heavy on my fine hair.

I bought this seeing other great reviews and was expecting good results, but was so disappointed. Not only did it do nothing to my tone it also didn’t leave any shine or look of improved condition.

Worse than that it actually made my hair feel disgusting, full of cloying product and prone to tangle and matt! I’m disappointed beyond words really, it’s one thing if a product doesn’t work brilliantly but quite another if it actually makes your hair worse for using it!

Don’t understand how anyone else has managed to get results with this.

I’ve already booked in for a ‘T’ section and I will give it another try just before my appointment in a few weeks’ time.

Living Proof Color Care Whipped Glaze, Light, 145ml £24.00

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