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UPDATE 23rd November 2021

I’ve been using the full-sized foundation for over two weeks. I was absolutely right in thinking that two thin coats were more than enough. I went over an area slightly too many times and it began to look ever so slightly cakey. This is so highly pigmented that less is definitely more.

I’ve worn it over moisturiser and sunscreen and the formula and coverage didn’t change or ball up.

On ‘good skin’ days when I only need very light coverage, I mix it with a drop of moisturiser. I use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser Lotion as I want to keep on the right side of dewy. The Foundation didn’t separate when mixed and coverage was sheer and my skin looked even.

I also spritz my foundation brush with Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Primer Setting Spray £26.10 Boots * (outrageous price but foundation won’t move no matter how hot and sweaty you get). The Foundation wears beautifully on its own, but Too Faced gives me the ultimate in locked-in makeup.

By the way, check out my other update below regarding eBay…

UPDATE 6th November 2021

The Foundation launched on 6th November and the price is £44.00 for 30ml.

My shade is No 14 Light/Medium with Rosy Undertones. I apply it in thin layers with a foundation brush to build it up, it’s a spot-on match.

Not dewy or flat matt as Lisa promised, but somewhere in between.

I bought several sets of sample cards and carefully went through them to make sure I had my perfect match. £44.00 is at the high end so I would urge anyone not to buy blind and test them out first. Your shade is there!


Get the shade wrong and it will look very strange. The best way to choose your card is to determine your skin tone, they apply the shades in a stripe on the side of your face, blend it out and the one that almost disappears is your shade.

At first, I thought shade 14 was too light and slightly chalky on me, but although it doesn’t oxidize, it does seem to adapt to your skin shade and darken slightly.

Apply too thick a layer – which I have done and it looks wrong, almost mask-like. The pigment is strong enough that two thin layers are all you need.

The first coat of foundation covered my rosacea almost completely, the second layer is only to touch up areas. Give a minute in between layers.

I apply to the outer face first so there’s less foundation on the brush as I get to the areas around the nose and mouth. Too much of anything here if you have mature skin is not going to look good anyway.

Buff, buff, buff, for a seamless finish.

I can’t say how it behaves on the nose or forehead because I have always used one particular foundation on these areas.

First I apply a slick of the now discontinued Benefit The Porefessional License To Blot Oil Blotting Stick. I have six of them hoarded away. It’s just a stick with paraffin, beeswax and silica but it forms a thin waxy base to cover pores and kill all shine. Benefit has a lot of these anti-shine products and they’re all fairly good.

On top of that, (still with me?) I dot on a blob of sunscreen. ALWAYS apply sunscreen to your nose, all over your face as well of course, but pay special attention to your nose. Lastly, I apply the thinnest layer of MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation in shade N3 and blend fast, it’s a thin liquid and it dries very quickly.

I have done this forever and no matter what foundation I use on the rest of my face, my nose never looks like it’s a different colour. Also, no pores show through and I’m never shiny. I don’t apply it to the rest of my face because the shade looks wrong and other shades aren’t suitable.

Also, I can’t say how Lisa’s foundation works on the pores on either side of my nose because mine have really minimised. I can only put it down to Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Line Erasing Night Serum Capsules £40.95 (from £60.00) for 60 from AllBeauty. *

Click on image below for a full review. 

Elizabeth Arden - Retinol Ceramide Line Erasing Night Serum Capsules
The AllBeauty price is the very best on the net by a long margin, but the thing is, they’re still very expensive for the minuscule amount of retinol they contain and yet they work. I’ve been using them for years now and my pores have drastically improved.


  1. Buy a sample card.
  2. Nail your shade.
  3. Apply in thin layers.
  4. Buff.

Young, smooth skin can apply thick layers of makeup and still look good. Mature skin hasn’t got that option, too much foundation highlights wrinkles and uneven texture and ages us terribly.

Getting the shade right and applying it in thin layers is everything. If you find the foundation too shiny, add powder – too matt, apply more moisturiser underneath.

My full-sized bottle is arriving today, I can’t wait. I hope it’s my forever makeup.

It’s here! The beautifully designed bottle can either sit in the box or lay on its side slightly tilted up as there’s a flat part underneath – cute.

The bottle feels nice to hold, but the best part I think, is that the pump only dispenses a small amount at a time. I can’t remember how many times I’ve tried to get out ‘half a press’ when I only needed a little more foundation. There are at least 350 pumps in the bottle.

It can be used with moisturiser for a lighter ‘tinted moisturiser’ look, something I will try.




Click on the image for the post.

Foundation: Are you cool, warm or neutral?


Make-up artist, nay guru, Lisa Eldridge, has an obvious love of colour, evident in her work and her jewellery and cosmetics line. Her legendary ‘True Velvet’ lipsticks are cult favourite that frequently sell out. Matt lipstick isn’t really my thing, but the shades are rather beautiful, rich, and vibrant.

I prefer her sheer, balm-like lipsticks, but the one I want never seems to be in stock. In fact, even today, out of the seven shades on offer, only three are available, but stock is regularly replenished, I’d love if she introduced sample cards for the lipsticks.

The good news is that Lisa is introducing foundation to her make-up empire. Actually, it’s not just a foundation, it’s The Foundation and, having tried the samples all week I absolutely love it. If anyone was going to nail shades for all skin tones it was going to be her.


This intelligently formulated, skin-friendly foundation has a customisable medium coverage that can be dialled up or down. Self-setting, it blends effortlessly to smooth and unify skin with a noticeable soft-focus effect.

The formula contains a natural mesh-like ingredient that completely fuses with skin after blending. The final finish is neither dewy nor flat matte but something skin-like and in between.

Best applied sparingly in thin layers, start by smoothing a small amount into the skin. Build to your desired level of enhanced perfection. Can also be used for just concealing and correcting small areas of the face.


Lisa’s got you covered. From the palest shade to the darkest, there’s a perfect match for you.

Select one of ten Foundation Sample Cards ranging from Light, Light/Medium, Medium, Medium/Deep, and Deep. Each sample card comes with 4 different shades to try.

I bought these four cards.

Lisa Eldridge Foundation swatches 1

Lisa Eldridge Foundation swatches 2


I bought the Light/Medium set because there’s a ‘Match My Foundation’ generator on her site. Just type in your current foundation brand and shade and it will find your ideal foundation. There’s a comprehensive list of brands and even discontinued shades are included which is very helpful.

I put in the foundation that I know is an exact match to my skin tone, but always looks far too light, Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in shade 1C1 Cool Bone and it matched me with No 14 Light/Medium with Rosy Undertones.

The shade on the card is much darker than Cool Bone, but I’m having faith in Ms. Eldridge and looking forward to testing it out.


These are the darkest ones and there’s every shade in between.

Lisa Eldridge shades Dark


You get to choose a free card with any purchase from the site, but as I didn’t buy any products I spent £2.00 per card and £2.95 on shipping.

There’s just the right amount of product for a decent swatch. I think it’s worth it especially as I paid £5.44 for a sample set of 6 foundations from Beauty Pie. I feel quite sick about it now as there’s barely enough product to cover a freckle – what was I thinking?

Beauty Pie samples

I also get the feeling that you’ll see Lisa’s foundation sample cards on eBay at some point selling for an extortionate amount. Stock up now if you’ve got an eBay account. Shhh! I didn’t say that.


I hate to crow, but look at what I’ve just found.

Lisa Eldridge


At last count, after binning all the funky-smelling ones I have nine liquid foundations. At some point or other, they all looked great, but lately, they collectively seem to be off-kilter. Too light, too dark, too chalky, too shiny. I’m looking for something new and this foundation might the one (again).

I’ll try the least suitable ones first to see how they wear over the day.


I find the ‘shop’ part of Lisa’s website a bit messy and clunky to navigate. The Foundation is £44.00 for 30ml.

Also in the cosmetics range are Lip Pencils with a gel formula that once set are smudge and waterproof (ooh). Lip glosses and highlighters.

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