Lina Khevoyan's Top 10 Tips to Maintain Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Lina Khevoyan

Lina Khevoyan is a hair stylist at the award-winning Michael Van Clarke Salon in London’s Marylebone, home to Michael’s famous Diamond Dry Cut. I asked Lina for her ten top tips to promote and maintain healthy hair.

Tip number 10 – ‘Be open to change‘ is particularly poignant, as I’ve recently had 3 inches chopped off and multiple layers cut into my hair by Lina, using the Diamond Dry Cut method (more on that to come). With all the straggly, dry ends gone, I want to prolong my hair’s health and here’s how:

1. Shampoo every day Clean hair reflects light better and so has a glossier and shinier finish.

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Build-up of oils, dirt and sweat on your scalp can lead to dandruff and clogged follicles – both conditions which can affect your rate of hair growth and your hair’s general appearance.

2. Exfoliate the scalp, a clean scalp encourages your hair to grow at its optimum rate.

3. Conditioning hair correctly To avoid weighing your hair down, do not rub conditioner into your scalp or to the hair near your scalp. Rinse immediately. Also, make sure that you are rinsing thoroughly, a cool final rinse encourages shine.

4. Regular overnight treatment Apply treatment on to unwashed dry hair, starting from very ends avoiding hair near scalp. Plait it loosely and leave overnight. Shampoo and condition next morning.

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5. As the ends of the hair are the oldest and most susceptible to dryness and breakage, trimming the hair on a regular basis, though seemingly will shorten the hair length, will actually make sure that the hair can grow longer because it won’t split or fray.

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6. The sun can damage your hair with prolonged exposure, UV rays have the power to damage the hair from the cuticle to the inner structure of the hair.

Signs of sun damage to your hair can include: Faded hair colour, dry, brittle hair, broken or split ends, frizzy hair, weakened and thinning hair. Use 3 More Inches Life Saver when possible to protect your hair from damage.

7. Styling Fine hair will benefit from a styling thickening lotion on mid-length and roots. Use a diffuser and gently dry your hair upside down. Smooth the ends with a round brush.

Thick curly hair is easier to manage once left air-dried for a bitWhen 70% dry smooth it using a bristle brush or apply a curling product of your choice and gently defuse to encourage the curl.

8. Short hair is best dried with fingers Use your hands to push your hair from side to side until dry. Hair will look more polished with more substance. Finish with 3 More Inches Finishing Feed.

9. To set the volume at the root once the hair has been styled, turn your head upside down and blast it with a drier on a cool setting.

10. Be open to change Our body shape and skin colour goes through series of natural changes. The long, silky locks that were once your pride and joy can suddenly seem difficult to keep up with your busy lifestyle. Who we were yesterday is not who we are today. So why should our hair style and colour remain the same?

Lina Khevoyan for Michael Van Clarke

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