Lee Stafford ARGANOIL® from Morocco Nourishing Miracle Mist

Lee Stafford ARGANOIL® from Morocco Nourishing Miracle Mist

A lot of people find hair products containing Argan oil are too oily and have a tendency to weigh their hair down and make it look greasy.

The new formulations are different though and Lee Stafford’s newly launched Nourishing Miracle Mist has all the benefits we associate with Argan oil but without that heavy greasiness.


A light, non-greasy nourishing oil spray designed for those with fine/thin, damaged hair. It transforms ultra-dry, damaged and over processed hair to the smoothest, silkiest, healthiest hair yet!

Argan oil is a rich, nourishing ingredient native to Morocco. The Berber women have used this moisture-infusing wonder oil as part of their daily beauty regime for hundreds of years. These ancient beauty secrets, proven for centuries, are now spreading worldwide.


Apply to wet or dry hair. Spray from half an arm’s length on to mid lengths and ends.

Adjust the amount according to the length, thickness and texture of hair. It can also be used throughout the day as an emergency shot of shine and softness.


Being cautious, I only used it on the ends of my hair at first, but actually it really is lightweight. Spray it onto your hands and there’s no greasy residue left behind.

I couldn’t even feel it on my hair, although my hair felt much smoother.

I’ve used it on wet, i.e. gently towel dried, hair and dry hair. Unlike some hair products, it behaved the same on both types. Hair was easier to comb through when wet and on dry hair, the mist didn’t flatten the curl or body.

The fragrance, as with all Lee Stafford hair care products, is of course is gorgeous. This mist smells of the strongly perfumed signature scent, but with a slight exotic twist.


Now, I may be wrong, I’m so not but I do think the Lee Stafford brand is specifically targeted towards younger women.

The evidence.

  • The bright pink packaging.
  • The aNNoYiNg funky mix of upper and lower case text – Arghhh!
  • The celebrity ‘inspirations’ page, featuring the likes of Rita Ora, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna etc. Although, to be fair, 46-year-old Jennifer Lopez is on there, but she’s not your typical older woman now is she?
  • The endless photos on the website of girls with long, swishy hair.

I rest my case.

But the thing is, the products in two of the ranges in particular, ARGANOIL® for quenching parched hair, and the tone correcting properties of BLEACH BLONDES are actually perfect for older hair.

When you’re over 50 with dyed hair, especially blonde dyed hair, with a generous smattering of highlights, there are two things you’re aware of

  1. How dry hair becomes – understandable really, we’ve been dyeing it for over 20 years.
  2. How quickly our freshly highlighted blonde hair can look brassy and dull.

At this stage of our hair life, we need all the help we can get without overloading hair with product. Check out the conditioners in both ranges.

I’ve also been using a couple of the other new products in the Bleach Blonde range, one I’ve renamed Highlight Popper…More on that to come.


Lee Stafford ARGANOIL® from Morocco Nourishing Miracle Mist 100ml £9.99 BOOTS

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