REVIEW: Lancaster Tan Maximiser

I know that YOU know, nothing accelerates ageing as fast as ultraviolet exposure from the sun. A tan equals damage to the skin, that’s a fact. 

But I also know that there’s a likelihood you’ve got ‘a bit of a tan’ from the current heat wave. Hopefully, you’ve achieved that golden hue the safe way (although a fake tan is the only safe tan).

Anyway, lecture over. So how do you hold on to that tan and moisturise parched skin?


Part of Lancaster’s best-selling ‘Tan Maximizer’ range this jumbo size 400ml moisturiser is a lightweight and fast penetrating, after sun face and body moisturiser.

It gives you a delicious and soothing sensation while an exclusive technology helps intensify melanin production, even without sun exposure, to prolong the tan.

Skin is soft, supple and better prepared for subsequent sun exposure. The tan is beautiful, radiant and long-lasting.

I’ve been using Tan Maximiser for years (that is, whenever I’ve had even a very light tan). It has always been hideously expensive and very much a luxury buy.

But it’s the only thing that softens skin AND prolongs my tan.

It’s an after sun moisturiser with the most gorgeous and rich, heavenly scent. It’s not fruity, floral or herby, just divine and exotic. It reminds me of being on holiday, because it’s what I always pack when going abroad.

Prolongs your holiday tan up to one month and helps skin natural recovery process after sun exposure.


Apply generously to face and body after sun exposure.


This is a creamy textured lotion that sinks into skin straightaway, without leaving any greasy residue.

I don’t know if it contains a self tanner, because the tan seems to intensify over time. If it does, then I’m sure it has some red in it because the tan is very natural looking, or maybe it’s just something in the formula?

Naturally darker skin tones can use this to moisturise skin after sun exposure. The fact that it doubles up as a scented body lotion help ease the price.

I originally bought a bottle from Fenwick for £29.00, then saw it online (the very same day), at AllBeauty for £22.45. Obviously I marched Mark right back and got a refund – actually not a refund, a Gift Card. Fenwick is just impossible to deal with, but I hadn’t even cracked it open, so all is well.

This lovely, luxury treat actually does what it promises. It’s simply this, if you’ve got a natural tan, keep it.

Lancaster Tan Maximiser £22.45* AllBeauty

*Affiliate link 


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