JESSICA Phenomen Oil Intensive Nail and Cuticle Moisturiser

JESSICA Phenomen Oil Intensive Nail and Cuticle Moisturiser
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Promote healthy nails and cuticles with this intensely conditioning cuticle oil.

This highly penetrative oil heals and intensively nourishes dry cuticles helping to keeps nails supple.

Formulated with key ingredients vitamin E, jojoba, sweet almond oil and rice oil, Jessica Phenomen Oil Intensive Moisturiser can be used on elbows, feet, knees and other areas of rough dry skin that needs deep moisturisation.


Just one drop per cuticle will provide deep hydration and stimulate nail growth.

Massage in and use a cotton bud to push your cuticles back. For best results, use to soften cuticles throughout the day.

This oil can be used on any dry, rough skin, such as your elbows, feet, and knees, or add 10-12 drops in your bath for extra softening.


A multi-use wonder product, Phenomen Oil can be used on any areas that need extra hydration, add 10-12 drops in your bath for extra softening.


This nail and cuticle oil has been around forever and at one time was the only cuticle oil manicurists used.

Back in the dark ages, I used to have nail extensions. I didn’t do anything at home for the first two weeks for fear of breaking them because they were ridiculously long (it was the fashun) and I found everyday tasks impossible – bliss.

Sadly, after two weeks they started to grow out and look a bit ropey, so I had them soaked off and life went back to normal.

Extensions can be extremely drying but the nail technician always used this oil as the last step after hand cream (now, of course, it’s sunscreen).
I remember they even used to throw in a tiny bottle at the end to take home.

I still use the product today, especially coming into sandal weather. The oil isn’t excessively greasy, it absorbs well and you can re-apply as many times as you need during the day but I like to apply a drop of oil to each toenail before bed. Do this every day for a week and your toenails will be transformed especially the normally unpretty little toe. After that, it’s twice a week to maintain.

Cuticles never need to be pushed back or snipped off and painful hangnails on your fingers disappear. Nails even grow stronger.

I’ve tried other cuticle oils but always come back to his one despite the cheap-looking packaging and distinctive jojoba oil fragrance which I find a bit cloying.

A quick word about the colour of the oil which varies, sometimes it’s a pale or deep yellow, or almost clear, but it’s all good, that’s just the nature of the oil.


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