Jamela 24K Gold Eye Masks UPDATE

Jamela 24K Gold Eye MasksI first raved about these eye masks over 2 years ago, you can read my review here. Finally, I’m down to my last pair (although they do have generous expiry dates). I use the eye masks regularly whenever a big event comes up and I need to iron out those under eye creases.

Even though there are a lot of similar eye masks now on the market, with some particularly expensive versions from certain luxury brands, (hello, Chantecaille £134.00 for 8 pairs – ouch), I still consider the Jamela Gold Collagen range superior to all of them.

Jamela 24k Gold Under-Eye Masks are the ultimate luxurious treat for your skin, offering the additional benefits of active ingredients intended to meet the specific needs of the delicate eye area.

The skin around the eyes is up to 10 times thinner than the skin on the face, with considerably less oil glands, resultingly, being the first area to become dehydrated.

Using the most beautiful natural ingredients from Europe and Asia, our development chemists have combined Eastern aesthetics with western technology to combat the problems of under eye puffiness, tired dehydrated eyes and dark circles.

On my way back from my recent holiday, I actually saw someone on the plane wearing them. I know they’re now sold on board on certain Aer Lingus routes, but it was still a shock to see this glamorous and – this was a surprise, young, woman wearing them without a care in the world.


Jamela 24K Gold Collagen Neck Mask

One for the party season now that Christmas is just around the corner, (that non summer we had went by fast didn’t it?) is Jamela’s 24K Gold Collagen Neck Mask, which I apply to my décolletage to smooth out chest creases.

There’s an added bonus too, in that the mask cools you down. I don’t know about anyone else, but when the clock’s ticking and I’m rushing around doing my hair and make up for a special occasion, I always feel like I’m getting ready in a sauna, with the sweat dripping off me!

These masks are two of my favourite ‘must have’ products and the ones I come back to time and again.

24k Gold Under Eye Masks – (5 pairs) £17.00 Jamela Skin Care
24k Gold Neck Masks (5 Pack) £49.50 Jamela Skin Care


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