Word of mouth from someone you trust is always the best recommendation. Laura Mercier matte eyeshadows were recommended to me by a Sales Assistant – at the Estee Lauder counter…

I was looking for a matte eyeshadow base shade that was more flattering than my ivory/pale cream ones which seem to suddenly look very obvious and a little bit harsh. It has to be matte because of my crepey lids, the problem is a lot of light matte eyeshadows can look chalky.

Cashmere was suggested to me, it’s a dusky mauve – not an obvious first choice as a base. But a sheer wash softens the rest of my eye makeup and acts like a soft-focus blur on my less than smooth lids.

I also bought Fresco, hard to describe – and impossible to photograph apparently, because none of the online swatches come close, you really need to see it in person. It’s a rosy beige/light brown and makes for the most perfect and flattering crease/transition shade.

The quality, pigmentation, and blend-ability of these matte shades are stunning – and I’ve no doubt the Sateen and Luster shadows are equally excellent. They don’t crease, you can build them up, the longevity is good and there’s no dusty kick-off when applying them. I also find the shades a bit different from the norm.

Laura Mercier Matte Eye Colour offers intense, pure colour in one stroke that lasts all day. With superior payoff, this formula adheres to the eyelids with extreme comfort for a smooth finish imparting a soft, creamy feel.

The non-dusting colour is easily layered or sheered while remaining long-wearing and crease-resistant. Striking a balance between convenience and functionality, each shade can be removed from its compact case and placed in a larger custom compact for easy personalisation.

Here are a few reviews from the Laura Mercier site in the US. Some of the colour combinations and placement suggestions are really useful. I’m looking now to buy Cafe au Lait and Coffee Grinds. or perhaps a palette.

REVIEW BY ILoveNiceThings (Maryland)

If you are not sure which ones to try first I recommend using an eyeshadow primer, flat shader, crease and blending brushes with Sesame (lid), Cashmere (crease) and Truffle (outer V) with black or brown winged liner. You can also use Truffle as your lower liner to complete the look.

Also, Truffle on the lid and crease with something neutral as your highlight is so pretty all by itself too. It’s the perfect chocolate brown and also great for brows too.

A second gorgeous matte look can be achieved using Sesame (lid), Truffle (crease) and Twilight Grey (outer V) to smoke the lookout. It’s stunning. Everyone should have Twilight Grey in their collection. (Orders Twilight grey)

Last but not least, if you want a fresh, intriguing alternative to the traditional smokey eye try this: Cashmere (lid), Plum Smoke (Crease) and Black Plum or Twilight Gray (outer V.)

REVIEW BY Alisa (Florida)
LM make up artist recommended fresco, plum smoke, and cafe au lait for my “soft summer” colouring. I prefer Fresco as a transition colour or all over the lids. I pair with Au natural caviar stick for longevity. Plum smoke looks great all over the lids or outer corner for a pop of colour. Cafe Au Lait is an essential brown for natural definition in the crease and is perfect for my colouring.

REVIEW BY Sensitive Soul (Omaha)
I purchased three eyeshadows after trying them out: Morning Dew (highlighter), Fresco (lid), and Cafe au Lait (crease). I keep them in the three-shadow pan. They are soft, non-drying, and blend seamlessly. I thought they were pricey at first, but it beats having to purchase many other products hit-and-miss style.

REVIEW BY Yvetter12 (Riverside)
Vanilla nuts is a perfect all over lid shade. It works perfect for a base and highlight on the brow bone. Ginger is a fantastic blending or transitional colour! It’s super smooth and helps to blend harsh colours in the crease of your eye. Ginger looks perfect paired with warm or cool-toned colors.

REVIEW BY plymouthmakeupstar (Plymouth)
I use the coffee grounds as both an eyeliner, in the crease, and eyebrow powder. The vanilla nuts or pink as a base. The pink as a highlighter. The Cashmere for more drama (an extra not really needed but nice for when I use more make up).


  • For a daily look, I use Vanilla Nuts, Cafe Au Lait, and Coffee Grounds (liner).
  • Buttercream is the perfect highlighter.
  • Black Plum is incredible as an eyeliner!
  • I am a VERY fair ginger, and it (Fresco) is the PERFECT shade for not just eye shadow transition, but as a contour! (Didn’t think of that) I use this shade all over to contour nose, cheeks, and jaw, and it is brilliant for a pale person.
  • Vanilla Nuts as an everyday base color. warm/medium skin tones, for my fair/cool skin it’s wayyyy too yellow. (Good to note, not buying that one then)


Laura Mercier Matte Eyeshadows 2.6g £19.50  Space NK has a good selection of shades.

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