Huge Thanks! 170,518 Views. 118,570 Unique Visitors in 2015

Huge thanks to everyone who reads this blog, it’s really appreciated.

170,518 Views and 118,570 Unique Visitors in 2015 – Amazing!

I had the idea for this blog way back in 2012, but it took me a whole year to get my head around WordPress. Sure, it’s easy now, but in the beginning I found the coding, posting and uploading really complicated.

I desperately wanted to ask for help on the WordPress forums, but I found the moderators (or Happiness Engineers, I think they’re called), a bit intimidating and I thought I’d be shot down for asking a ‘stupid’ question.

Nowadays though, I ‘get’ it, I have even been (gently) told off for being impatient while waiting for an answer on the help forum and it doesn’t bother me one bit.

The thing is, and this is true for anyone on the net who might feel intimidated when someone ‘says’ something mean (and they will), they are only words on a screen. The chances of someone coming round to your house with an axe because you disagreed with them online are relatively slim.

I dipped my toe properly into blogging in 2013, but I still found the technical side extremely challenging. My current theme is Triton Lite and I went directly to the developer, Towfiq, with questions like “How do I change the font colour to pink?” CRINGE! He was unbelievably patient and I’m grateful for his help.

2014 was a great year for me because I finally found my feet and settled into my niche. I don’t know how I managed to write any posts in 2015 though, it felt like the quickest year ever.

A little bit late (how is it the 7th already?) But, Happy New Year to my readers – I do look at what you search for to land on this site and I try to include posts on those topics. The Liz Earle formula change question was a learning curve for me too, so thanks for that.

A Happy New Year too, to my fellow bloggers. I think I speak for most of us when I say we’re just pleased someone wants to read our blogs!


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