REVIEW: Herbal Essences Silk and Shine Conditioner

Herbal Essences Silk and Shine Conditioner

For all  my high-end hair products, when I need a conditioner to detangle, and instantly smooth my hair, I reach for this beauty:


Looking for a smooth finish. Herbal Essences silk and shine conditioner for all hair types with essential smoothing conditioners for natural hair. Smooth as nature intended and 100 per cent irresistible.

With a blend of rose hips, jojoba oil and vitamin E, this luxurious conditioner leaves hair luminous and sensually smooth.

I use lots of different shampoos on my hair, but a fair few of them won’t respond to conditioner, particularly the ‘speciality’ ones:

  • John Frieda Sheer Blonde Tone-Correcting Shampoo – An everyday Mr Reliable.
  • John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brightening Shampoo – Was Mr Reliable until they messed with the formula, now Mr Last Resort.
  • Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo – Life saver, heavy-duty blonde repair to kill brassy tones.
  • TREsemme Deep Cleansing Shampoo 900ml £2.70 at Wilko (insane value for money) – This will cleanse hair of all product build up, but it’s murder to rinse out properly and cries out for a creamy conditioner afterwards.
  • Most ‘Anti-Ageing’ shampoos with hair thickeners.

One small blob of Silk and Shine and hair is instantly smoother, you can feel the difference in texture immediately. You really do need the smallest amount, otherwise hair can feel weighed down and go a bit lank.

It has quite a strong fragrance, like a very strong bubble bath, which by the way is exactly like a brand from the 90s called Salon Selectives (one for the oldies there).


It’s been discontinued – for quite a while it seems. I had three bottles and have only just come to the end of my last one. I know they’re a hefy 400ml but they have lasted for years and years.

I could probably trawl the High Street Poundland types shops (which, thinking about it, I will do) and pick up a couple of dusty bottles, but I’ve also just spotted them on Amazon UK and bought two – at more than double the original price which was £2.00. If they turn out to be the ‘real-thing’ I’ll grab me some more.

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