HD Brows – Best long lasting eye liner I’ve EVER used

HD Brows

HD Brows Pallette
Previous packaging

The HD Brows palette in shade Foxy is, without a doubt, THE best eyeliner I’ve ever used.

I’ve used Chanel’s eyebrow pencil in Blonde forever so I wasn’t particularly interested in a brow product.

Our best-selling Eye & Brow Palette is the ultimate kit for brow lovers. Featuring two highly pigmented brow shades and a highlighter to lift the brow arch, these silicone rich powders can also be used as beautifully blendable eyeshadows with a carbon black shade also included to line the eyes.

Silky smooth textures – enriched with antioxidant vitamins C and E – make the powders easy to blend while the Brow Wax keeps brows set in place all day long. Comes complete with a dual-sided eye and brow brush.

But then I read that these brow shadows can also be used as eyeliner and because they are originally designed to be long-lasting on brows, they wouldn’t budge.

Honestly, I’ve never looked back.

The palette is actually for brunettes (Bombshell is for blondes) but I use it with a very light hand and it works perfectly. These powders do exactly what they say on the tin and once on they’re not going anywhere!

I go easy on the application, we all know how much easier it is to add on rather than take off.

The real star is the dark Carbon shade. I would never normally attempt to line my upper lid with a powder, my hand isn’t steady enough for a start. But I use Mac’s 212 brush to ‘dab’ the powder in a thin line on my upper eyelid. There’s no way I’m able to get right into the corner without giving myself a literal black eye, so I use an old washed Dior Eye Precision Pen dipped in ‘Carbon’ on the inner third and it lines it perfectly.

You can also, for a soft smoky eye and to make your eyelashes look denser, gently push the brush along the length of your lashes from the root.

Once again, less is more, it’s impossible (well, not impossible, but messy and time-consuming) to shift if you make a mistake. I use a cotton bud dipped in a tiny bit of foundation to correct any mistakes – be very careful not to get the foundation in your eye though as it stings like a mofo.

The Carbon shade isn’t a true hard black as its name suggests. I can’t use black mascara without it making me look like an extra from Shameless, so this shades ticks all the boxes for me.

Oh and I can’t figure out what to do with that nude shade, it’s too chalky and matt to use anywhere on my eyes and it’s too matt to use as a highlighter.

UPDATE HD Brows has updated the range in new packaging with slightly different shades. £30.00 BUT AllBeauty sells them for a more reasonable £22.45.


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