Perhaps the title is a little unfair, all four products are much loved, but this post explains how they let me down in various ways. I either have issues with the packaging; I didn’t see any tangible results, or felt I was unfairly treated by the brand when I made a reasonable complaint.

this works perfect legs skin miracle

A powerful tinted serum with Vitamin C to perfect, repair and enhance legs and helps combat skin imperfections, skin discolourations and scars.

Lots of positive reviews all over the net and recommended by make up guru extraordinaire Lisa Eldridge, I value her opinion and if she likes a product, then it’s always worth looking at.

I had high hopes for this leg miracle, it smells gorgeous and application was a dream. I thought it would even out skin tone and give my whitey white legs a subtle golden sheen. A more updated, modern version of Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs if you like. The problem is, it’s too golden, it’s actually bordering on bronze.

On my pale skin, it looked very unnatural and obvious, I had to scrub it off immediately. To be fair, I think this would work better on naturally darker skin tones.

That wasn’t my only problem with it, the packaging is awful. Not only is the plastic pump-action bottle slippery to hold, it’s white, which means it gets very grubby, very quickly. It’s not as if you can wipe it down with a wet cloth either, the product stains it and I hate that. Plus, you would have to break it apart to get to the last bit of product to get your moneys worth.

Of course I dropped it, it shattered and went everywhere.

this works perfect legs skin miracle

this works perfect cleavage firming lotion

Designed to brighten and tighten whilst also combating fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation, perfect cleavage firming lotion contains a sophisticated blend of essential oils and plant extracts for potent, targeted action.

Again, I hate the packaging, once again it slipped out of my wet hands and the metal ring at the top broke off, but it’s still usable. My main bugbear is that I’ve not seen any improvement after 6 weeks. I’ll persevere though as I think I’m nearing the end of it.

Sarah Chapman Overnight Hand & Nail Treatment 

A nourishing supercharged night therapy for hands, nails and cuticles targeting specific signs of ageing including age spots, loss of volume, dehydration, crepiness and brittle nails.

This is very oily – although I haven’t dropped it! I haven’t seen any improvement to my hands after 5 weeks. I should warn that the product shoots out of the bottle and goes everywhere.

I have a full-sized bottle of the famous Overnight Facial to review and look forward to seeing what all the fuss is about.

Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial Supplement 

The unique combination of active vitamins, minerals, natural antioxidants, and omega oils aims to support beauty from within.

This is easily my biggest disappointment. Not the product at all, because I did feel it was helping my skin and I had taken the supplements for 5 months. I always bought my supplies from the official Sarah Chapman site and I was a loyal repeat customer.

The site offers regular promotions and they are good ones. I used to buy these on 2 for 1 offers. These particular supplements took 3 weeks to arrive and I had already rang customer services and sent them emails asking where my order was.

The tablets and capsules smell pretty pungent when you open the lid. However, nothing prepared for the sight and odour of the ones in the photograph below. This was back in September 2016 and the expiry date printed on the bottom of the jar was March 2017.

I immediately fired off an email and a photo to the company, thinking I would be sent a new jar straight away and I also requested a prepaid label to return the jar back. I mean, would you put these in your mouth?

I feel like a serial complainer, but there’s a huge problem with the supplements after they finally arrived 3 weeks after ordering them – they’re mouldy!

I enclose a photo and can send the original file size if you want to look at them in more detail. I’ve had about 5 jars and the white tablets have never looked like these before. Also, they smell awful, not the strong fishy smell that’s usual, but ‘old’ and definitely off.

I’ve obviously not taken any of them because I suspect they could make me very ill, but I have enclosed a photo of the batch number.

Can you please send a label to replace them and a fresh supply?

Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial Supplement

A week passed and I received this:

After researching (I hadn’t sent them back), our independent laboratory confirm that the tablets are still within specification for microbiology and safe for consumption by specified use by date. Please note that variances in colour or texture does not compromise safety, efficiency and effectiveness of our supplements.

I replied:

No way! They smell awful. I do not want them. I’ve been incredibly patient and a good customer, but this is terrible customer service, especially as you haven’t even examined them. Please send me a new jar and a return label and I will send them back.

They responded with:

Our independent laboratory have looked into the current batch of our supplements that have the same appearance as the ones in the picture you have sent through and have confirmed that they are still within specification for microbiology and safe for consumption by specified use by date. The variances in colour or texture does not compromise safety, efficiency and effectiveness of our supplements.

The supplements have always had a distinct aroma to them, which is caused by the B vitamins that we use in them; it’s just that the aroma has developed over time.

We do have a new batch of the supplements being delivered to our warehouse new week, so on this occasion (AS IF THEY WERE DOING ME A HUGE FAVOUR!) as we can see that you are a loyal customer, we will send you out a replacement pot from the new batch when we receive them.

When I finally received the replacement jar, 6 weeks had passed since I had last taken them and I just wasn’t interested anymore. I checked that the contents were OK and passed them on.

I’m sure the contents of the original jar probably were safe to consume, but it wasn’t something I was willing to bet on! Dreadful customer service and they’ve lost a loyal customer.

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