HALL OF FAIL: Nails Inc – Alexa 'Cashmere' Nail Polish

Nails Inc - Alexa 'Cashmere'
To be fair, it’s probably more my fail, than Nails Inc. but still, I think others might fall into the same ‘trap’ if they buy this nail polish without looking at the blurb first. I also think there’s a bit of an “Emperor’s New Clothes” vibe going on here as well.

I fell in love with this shade at first sight. How do I describe it? A soft pink/beige/minky mauve nude, that help? Probably not, but the shade as seen in the bottle above, is spot on. I paid £15.00 and thought at the time that cheeky Nails Inc have probably put their prices up. I also thought, Cashmere, what a great name for this nail colour.

What I didn’t see – and the sales assistant in John Lewis didn’t either, I discovered afterwards, was that this is a ‘textured’ nail polish.

I tried it as soon as I got home. I applied an undercoat, let it dry; shook the bottle gently and brushed on an even layer of polish. I waited for it to dry as patiently as I could, although I do do things during this time and tided up my nail polishes in the bathroom cabinet – nothing is as boring as waiting for nail varnish to dry.

Then I saw that I must’ve smudged it against a towel because it was all fuzzy. I cleaned it off and started over, same thing happened. Obviously a dud mix I thought.

I took it back to John Lewis and between us, we finally figured out that it was supposed to look like that. It may have been written on the back of the bottle, but both of us were too old and squinty eyed to be able to read the tiny print. To their credit, John Lewis gave me a full refund.

I looked it up online today and found this:

Warming mink shades of matte polish are fused with pure glass pearls to provide a subtle sheen and a luxurious Cashmere texture.

Pure glass pearls. What the? No wonder it was so expensive.

Alexa Chung: We’ve created an amazing collection of fabric inspired polishes. I’ve been playing with textures and innovative effects to create the perfect collection that girls can use to revitalise an outfit.

This collection is a party for your hands. <LOL!

The shade has also been awarded best beige polish by Glamour magazine and is part of the Beauty Power List. The shade though is indeed beautiful, but the texture is ridiculous.

I don’t know, maybe it IS me, but I don’t get how wearing a nail polish that looks like you’ve smudged it is on trend.

PS I’m still not sure what Alexa Chung does – old age is a terrible thing! 😉

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  1. March 23, 2015 / 1:01 am

    I know what you mean by reading small print, That stopped happening for me a year ago. I haven’t tried these polishes yet, but i am not a huge fan of Nails inc really.

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