HALL OF FAIL: Michael Kors Ultimate Body Lotion

Michael Kors' Ultimate Body Lotion

I was on the bus on Friday morning and I found myself flushing really badly and feeling a little sick after smelling a very strong, cloying perfume.

It lingered all day and I thought perhaps I rubbed up against someone and their scent transferred to my hair or something (weird I know), but I just couldn’t shake it off. It followed me around and I had a massive headache at the end of the day.

Of course, when I got home I realised it was me and Michael Kors Ultimate Body Lotion. My signature scent is Chloé, but I was in Bicester Shopping Village and tested Michael Kors Glam Jasmine at the Cosmetic Store (the Michael Kors line is owned by them and I believe the shop features only Estée Lauder brands). Thunderbolt time, it was love at first spray.

Michael Kors Glam Jasmine

The perfume is described as a ‘woody floral’ with hints of jasmine and citrus. It’s beautiful, not overly heavy, but still glamorous and it smells very expensive. When I wear enough of it (to be honest, it doesn’t linger for long, you do have to tear a tiny hole in the ozone layer to get the benefit), I always get lots of lovely compliments.

I adore this perfume and buy the 50ml bottle (£54.00) although the bottle is a bit too heavy and clunky for my handbag, it’s better value than the 30ml one (£37.00). However, when I saw a gift set with 50ml of perfume plus a ‘matching’ (I assumed) body lotion and body wash for £40.00 (Debenhams online, link below) I jumped on it.

This is how it’s described:

This opulent lotion luxuriously moisturises and conditions skin with a light, fast-absorbing formula featuring coconut and jojoba oils.

It leaves skin soft and subtly scented with a hint of shimmer. White floral and creamy wooded notes allow it to be used alone or layered with Michael Kors’ Sporty Citrus, Sexy Amber, or Glam Jasmine fragrances.

Be warned! It’s not a matching body lotion in any way, shape or form. It bears no resemblance to Glam Jasmine, it’s not even a distant relative! I’m not sure how they can claim it complements the perfume. The jojoba scent is very strong and gets right up into the nostrils and stays there, like, forever.

On the plus side, the fragrance (and you may love it, it packs an exotic punch of scent), lasts ALL day. The lotion is rich, thick and creamy, a little goes a long way and yes, it has a delicate hint of shimmer. Sadly, it’s just too strong for me.

The set is still on sale (at 5/2/17) and offers incredible value (Boots are selling the 50ml bottle for £58.00!) and I probably will buy another one, because it’s too good to pass over. Just be aware that the lotion doesn’t smell anything like the divine Glam Jasmine!

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