Puff up the volume

Thinning hair is devastating to a woman.  I had read loads of reviews of Schwarzkopf “got2bPOWDER’ful” so I thought I’d give it a try.

It’s like a dry shampoo that fluffs and volumises your hair.
For a start it’s not a new concept, Label M, Ton & Guy’s hair brand, brought out a similar product a couple of years ago ”Ressurection Style Dust’  but with a price point of £10.95 for nearly 30g, a quiet launch and too clever ie confusing, name, it didn’t really catch on. Schwarzkopf “got2bPOWDER’ful”  (check out that funky spelling aimed at ‘da kidz’) at £4.07  for 10g (but can usually be bought on one of Boots ‘3 for 1’ offers)  is slightly £2, more purse friendly, then again, would you want three? 

It’s a very fine white powder which ‘melts’ as you rub it in between your hands,  your hands.  The instructions say rub it between your palms but I find I have more control if I use my fingertips. You just rub it into your roots and ‘puff’ your hair up.

The good thing is that it really does make your hair appear fuller immediately. I would say it’s best used on freshly washed hair because it’s so mattifying and can dull your hair, although I get over by this by spraying a hair shine product on afterwards. Also, trying to brush it is murder, it really does ‘expand’ so it’s best to use your fingertips to fluff up your hair. You would also need to wash your hair the day after, otherwise you will get that messed up studenty hair appearance.

There’s no worry of the white power showing through, though check all angles in a mirror.

Hopefully the next logical step is to bring out colours – a bit like Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder only less expensive.

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