Hair Rituel by Sisley Restructuring Nourishing Balm

Hair Rituel by Sisley Restruct Nourishing Balm
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This is a luxury extravagance, I can’t dress it up any other way.

My hair though in tip-top condition (thank you Monpure) just won’t take on colour the way it used to. I don’t know if it’s because my hair is coming through browny/peppery grey at the roots, or that it grows so fast.

I just know I can’t layer on more bleach –  my hairdresser won’t allow it anyway. Instead, I’m indulging myself with lovely hair products and I spotted this beauty in a magazine last year.

Weirdly, I didn’t connect it with Sisley Paris and my beloved Black Rose oil – offer below, because the label is frankly, a little bit horrible – more on that later.


A pre-shampoo hair treatment that restores nourishment and restructures damaged, dry and brittle hair.

Enriched with a precious combination of botanical oils – including that of shea, macadamia, babassu, meadowfoam seed and moringa – this deeply nourishing balm acts on the hair fibre to intensely nourish and revive each individual strand.

The silky balm texture instantly transforms to an oil on contact for a heavenly texture – smooth it on before shampooing to reveal healthy, frizz-free locks that shimmer and shine.


  • For fine, short or mid-length hair: apply one grape size
  • For thick, very dry or long hair: apply two to three grape sizes
  • Smooth through hair from roots to tips
  • Wash out with shampoo, then condition as normal.
  • Do not apply on the scalp

Apply to dry hair as a pre-shampoo treatment.

Apply before bed and rinse out before washing hair the following morning. The texture of the hair is immediately and visibly transformed.

Apply once a week


I was worried this balm would be really greasy as it not only contains four botanical oils (and erm..hydrogenated vegetable oil) but also a fair amount of moisture-enhancing shea butter.

The balm does transform into oil but it’s not overly oily and melts into hands.

It smells better on hair than it does in the tub. I was expecting a strong, herby fragrance, but the scent is clean and pleasant.

I apply the balm to the lengths and ends of my hair before bed once a week. You don’t need to use too much or put your hair in a cap overnight as it doesn’t leave any residue on the pillow.

There’s no problems with rinsing it out either, two light shampoos will do the job and only minimal conditioner is needed.

I also apply a little blob when styling towel-dried hair.

Usually, with these rich oil-based masques, my hair is soft and silky but a little flat, great to look at – not so great at holding a style. Here, hair feels gorgeous but thicker somehow and much healthier looking. It really suits my fine hair and doesn’t weigh it down.

I find it really helps with the colour, pulling out the highlights and making the colour look more vibrant.

Of course, there are cheaper shea butter and botanical oil-based hair products on the market. Shea butter is also well-known as a moisturising treatment for black Natural hair and if you find a lighter version it may work equally as well as Sisley’s one.

Based on my personal experience I consider Nourishing Balm a pampering treat, it’s a deep conditioning treatment as good as any salon based one.


I was really pleased to see this was featured on one of Nadine Baggott’s 10/10 Best Beauty Buys series on her YouTube channel with ‘Jean Queen’ Donna Ada who has the most beautiful, healthy-looking hair. She also uses it as a pomade to smooth flyaways and even demonstrated how a slick of the balm instantly brings shine to her blonde hair.

The other hair product in her top ten to cover up her grey roots was Color Wow Root Cover Up in shade Medium Brown £29.50 or (at 10/4/22) £28.02 with code SPRING at check-out, Look Fantastic. *

I was really impressed with the black version – see my review below.


I hadn’t thought about using a mid-brown shade. It might be a better, slightly more natural-looking way of blending out the grey coming through.


Not a fan. I get that maybe the idea was for it to look slick and contemporary in the bathroom. But this is a luxury product, it looks too plain.


I’m not sure where to point you for the best price it usually falls between £88 and £86 depending on where you shop. It’s currently out of stock at Liberty, SpaceNK, Feel Unique – that’s the power of social media for you.

I paid £59.50 (a far more sensible price) for mine at AllBeauty * but it’s back in sotck for £64.80 AllBeauty *

AllBeauty carries other products from the Sisley Hair Rituel line at discounted prices, though I’m refusing to even look at them. Although I’ve read good things about the Regenerating Hair Care Mask 200ml down to £51.95 (from £72.50). At least the balm will last forever and is a one time only purchase.


Hair Rituel by Sisley Restructuring Nourishing Balm 125g Sisley Paris £74.80 (at 7/4/22)


Black Rose Cream Mask £85.00 (was £119.00)

Black Rose Precious Oil £115.00 (from £168.00)

Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream £105.95 (from £150.00)

Sisley-Paris Black Rose Mask

Sisley-Paris Black Rose Mask

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