GWEN STEFANI: Hair, Makeup or Fillers?

Photographed at the Emmy Awards on Monday 25th August 2014, Gwen Stefani is almost unrecognisable (I wouldn’t have known it was her from the above photograph), but just why does she look so different?

It might be her make up, we’re used to seeing Gwen with her signature matt, red lippy – here, it’s a soft, glossy raspberry. Gwen’s eyebrows are more natural looking too.

Hairstyle? Possibly, it’s a change from the side fringe (bangs) she normally wears and severe middle partings are hard to pull off. Then again, it’s a well-known ‘trick’ that celebrities change their hairstyle to deflect from any ‘work’ they may have done. Although, if there’s anyone who doesn’t need to mess about with their face, it’s Gwen.

Here’s a photo of Gwen later in the evening with Adam Levine, looking much more like herself.

Gwen Stefani Emmys 2014
Gwen, only two days before the Emmys, with her ‘signature’ look.

Gwen Stefani

What do we think? Middle parting and softer (although still heavy), make up, or a touch of the needle? Then again, there are fine lines visible on her forehead in the second photograph.

I like to think it might just be an experiment with her hair and make up, something she’s well-known for, a change from her iconic style.

PS Only Gwen could work that dress!

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