Gold Rush

QUESTION: When is a gimmick not a gimmick? ANSWER: When it works!

There was a saleswoman walking around the Anti-Ageing Beauty Show last week, wearing a pair of gold coloured, under eye masks and looking like a cross between Lady Gaga and an extra from Star Trek. I wasn’t particularly interested and thought they were a bit daft and with the whole ‘made with real gold‘ spiel, probably a very expensive gimmick.

Wrong on both counts.

The eye masks are part of the 24K Gold Collagen range by a company called Jamela. It’s fair to say that there were a lot of people buzzing around the Jamela stand and at the end of the day, it seemed as if every other woman was sporting a pair, it suddenly became the norm to wear them!

I was given a couple of samples, beautifully presented in these gold mesh bags, and back home I thought I’d give the boys a laugh and try a pair out just for the fun of it.

24K Gold Under Eye Masks from Jamela Skincare The products are not tested on animals (hurrah!) and made without animal oils, alcohol or synthetic fragrances. The ingredients include: Mineral Gold, Hyaluronic Acid, Plant Collagen and Vitamin E.

The under eye masks come individually wrapped in foil which you apply to the under eye area, thin end towards your nose. They feel like floppy gel sheets and you think they’re going to slip off because they’re so moist, but they don’t!


Gold is a wonderful remedy for the tissues that have lost elasticity.

The idea is to leave them on for at least 30 minutes, mine lasted a good hour and a half before they started to slide off, obviously if you were lying down they would stay on even longer. Eventually though, all the serum sinks into your skin and the patches lose their ‘plumpness’ and that’s when you know it’s time to peel them off.

The result is that your skin is now plumped up. They really do work. I think it’s a very clever and gentle way to force moisture onto the delicate eye area and soften fine lines. Skin is left noticeably soft and ‘refreshed’ looking, but more importantly, the area stays smooth for hours. It’s also worth noting that they stay pleasantly cool all the time you’re wearing them.

24K Gold Under Eye Masks from Jamela Skincare

Gold speeds up the cellular processes of the skin and regeneration is activated because of the increase in blood brought to the area.

The Gold Collagen Range includes face, neck, lip and erm, breast masks… They also sell overnight treatments, serums and Botanical Masks – rose, lavender, tea tree etc.

These under eye masks are ideal before a big event or after one, or even as a pick me up. The price at just under £3.00 a pair, is very reasonable considering it’s a product that actually delivers what it promises.

Jamela Under Eye Masks Sold in packs of 16 for £46.75

Jamela Skin Care Website


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