GIVEAWAY: Try Balance Activ Menopause Moisture Gel

Balance Activ Menopause Gel

This is a delicate subject…in more ways than one.

Out of all the symptoms the menopause tortures us with, vaginal dryness is the one no one talks about openly. To be fair, you can see why, we can all moan about night sweats and hot flushes, but vaginal dryness (oops! I said it again), isn’t really something we usually natter about over a latte.

 Balance Activ Menopause Gel

A fast acting hormone-free moisturiser designed to provide instant and long-lasting relief from the symptoms of menopausal and post-menopausal vaginal dryness.

 The gel is clinically proven to be completely safe and is also hormone-free, making it ideal for women who can’t or prefer not to take products that contain oestrogen.

In ‘celebration’ (I think that’s the right word) of World Menopause Day on 18th October, this is an opportunity for 20 readers to try (UK only, sorry!) a sample application of Balance Activ Menopause Moisture Gel for yourselves.

Just email quoting ‘Unfading Beauty Menopause Sample‘ and of course, include your name and an address. All successful applicants will be emailed confirmation.

It’ll be sent to you in an enormous, shocking pink envelope marked ‘VAGINAL DRYNESS GEL’ – I’m joking, don’t worry, it’ll be discreet. Offer closes Thursday 31st October.


Menopausal and post-menopausal vaginal dryness affects three million women in the UK. During the menopause the production of oestrogen ceases, which results in a thinning of vaginal tissue and leads to varying degrees of discomfort and pain.

This can greatly affect quality of life, even making sitting, standing, exercising or urinating uncomfortable and can also cause pain during smears or intercourse. Women that are put on HRT (which puts some hormones back in) are sometimes helped but not always, with some unable to tolerate the hormones and others deciding against such treatment altogether.




Balance Activ, Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) & Conceive Gel

Balance Activ Conceive Fertility Gel & Spray

Balance Activ BV Gel &  Pessaries (for symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) which is the most common form of vaginal infection)

Balance Activ Menopause Moisture Gel (pack of 5 applications) £14.99 (includes P & P) or from All major High Street retailers.

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