Freeze Frame!

The usual suspects

So what do Carla, Meg, Molly, Brooke, Daryl, Kylie, Nicole and Priscilla all have in common? Yep, at one time these women were all considered great beauties, some still are. Oh and the other thing they have in common of course is that they’ve all allegedy (gotta cover myself) used botox or filler at one point in their lives (or, looking at some of them, on a daily basis). Not pretty is it?

Photos like these warning about the dangers of too much botox or filler are usually shown with ‘before’ shots of celebrities at their peak of beauty. I’ve always felt this was misleading. They didn’t resort to these so called anti-ageing methods when they were at their drop dead gorgeous peak but when those looks started to fade.

that they turn to drastic extreme measures

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