Body Shop Body Brush


And so Mark, rummaging through the bathroom cabinet, finds my Body Shop Body Brush and decides, all by himself, that it’s a new type of shower brush. He generously lathers it up with his Molton Brown Black Pepper Shower Gel* and vigorously scrubs himself clean. He then thoughtfully leaves it to dry in the airing cupboard, bristle side down. I know, I know, feel my pain, 22 years of marriage and he’s still a work in progress.

The brush is £8.00; I have seen cheaper ones but I think it’s worth paying that bit extra because of the quality, plus it’s smooth and comfortable to hold in the hand and firm bristles that won’t go all bendy and misshapen, as long as you keep it for yourself.

The brush is to be used pre shower. Long sweeping strokes towards your heart. After regular use (it’s easier to use in summer than in winter, when the bristles seem to feel a bit scratchy), you will notice a difference and skin will look a lot smoother especially on your thighs.
It does work and with regular use you will see a difference, just make sure you keep it for yourself.

The Body Shop’s Body Brush £8.00

*Here’s a tip for a last-minute present that really will be appreciated; don’t get the matching ‘Re-charge Black Pepper Bodyscrub Bar’ that goes with the gorgeous Black Pepper Shower Gel, instead buy the Moisture-rich Aloe & Karité Ultrabar.

The scent is not only sexy sandalwood and clean but lingers on the skin all day, he will smell divine! Molton Brown will gift wrap it for you and, now this is the best bit, they will usually give you a sample of shower or hand gel, so that’s a present for you as well, it’s win-win!.

MOLTON BROWN'S Aloe & Karité Ultrabar

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