Fill in that blurry lip line!

BODY SHOP BEECH LIP PENCILLips can start to thin from 30 onwards. One contributing factor is that the body is producing less collagen and lips lose their natural plumpness. The environment, sun exposure, smoking and even pursing your lips to drink from a straw, can create vertical lines, perfect for lipstick to seep into.

Lip pencils prevent lipstick from bleeding into these fine lines around the mouth. Choose the right colour pencil with good staying power and it will redefine the parts of the lip that tend to ‘blur’ and fade as we age.

The Body Shop Lip Pencil in the shade Beech, is a natural looking, deep pinky-brown. It glides on smoothly and creates a barrier to prevent lipstick bleed. You might also feel confident enough to (very slightly) go over your natural lip line if you need to even up your lips.

Darker skin tones could use the pencil all over their lips as a long-lasting, non fading, base under lipstick.

One thing, although the pencil isn’t particularly soft, it does tend to blunt quickly.


This beech lip liner is lovely, it goes on nice and smooth and blends in with many colour lipsticks or lipglosses. I would highly recommend to purchase this colour.

I have been using this product for a very long time. I have tried other brands but this is the only one that really works for me. Stops any feathering. Lipstick stays inside the lines and gives the lips a lovely shape.

I have been using this liner in Beech for over 20 years now. It is long-lasting, easy to apply and a perfect colour for me – I don’t know what I would do if it was ever discontinued!


This colour is closest to my lip colour and is barely visible when lipstick is applied. The texture is good, neither too dry nor too greasy and my lipstick does not disturb it. Recommended.

I have been using this lip liner for a few years now. The colour is great and can be used with most lipsticks and lip glosses.

LOOKS NATURAL – Keeps the line of my lips without looking too fake.

GossMakeUpArtist has a fabulous tip, which I’ve mentioned before, that actually works. You know that ‘v’ shape on your upper lip, the cupid’s bow? He suggests that you very lightly line it horizontally to create the illusion of a fuller upper lip. Don’t join up the two peaks, go much lower than that. It takes a little practise, but once perfected, it’s a great but subtle, trick.

The Beech shade creates a clean lip line and is neutral enough to match most lipstick colours (see the reviews above). Sometimes I tone it down just a touch, with Mac’s Spice Lip Pencil The two colours work surprisingly well together.

There are 7 shades – ranging from Nude to Mahogany. I did try the Clover Pink shade once when they sold out of Beech, but it was a little too 1950s Avon Lady for my liking.

02 Beech
03 Clover Pink
04 Mauve Berry
06 Mahogany
10 Pink Brown
11 Nude
13 Rosy Red

Body Shop Lip Liner Beech, £8.00


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    that horizontal lip trick sounds interesting! One to practice practice practice.

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