Feel 10 Years Younger with the Help of Ultherapy™ *

The Skin Repair Clinic

We all know we can’t turn back the hands of time or stay young forever like Peter Pan, but many of us would love to look more youthful or simply prevent our looks from ageing even more.

Well, there may not be a magic wand you can wave to do this, however there are a number of lotions, potions and treatments you can invest in (many featuring in this blog) to care for your appearance and hopefully delay the process a bit.

But, if you’ve left it a bit late for preventative measures, you may want to consider a non-invasive treatment like Ultherapy™ to give you a confidence boost.

How Can Ultherapy™ Help?

Ultherapy™ is the next best thing to a face lift. Although you won’t get such extreme effects, this is a simple and cost-effective way of getting firmer, tighter skin without the need for needles or going under the knife.

Ultherapy™ is a one-off treatment that reverses the damage time and gravity does to your skin by toning and tightening loose skin to avoid drooping eyebrows and ‘turkey neck’ that many people suffer with as they age. Best effects are seen around the jaw line and jowl area, near brows or upper eyelids, and around the stomach after childbirth.

It works by focusing ultrasound energy deep into the fatty, fibrous layer beneath the skin which heats the tissue and causes it to lift without damaging the skin’s surface. Besides the tightening effect, it also stimulates the creation of new collagen, which will help rejuvenate the skin and maintain its youthfulness.

Although it is often reported that people see an immediate effect after treatment, best results can be seen eight to twelve weeks later, once the collagen in the skin has been replenished.

The whole process will take between 30 and 60 minutes, and requires no special recuperation or preparation time. You could do it on your lunch break if you wanted!

Check out these before and after pictures from The Skin Repair Clinic:




Are There Any Side Effects?

Ultrasound energy has been used in medical treatments for decades and therefore this treatment is approved as safe, assuming it is carried out by a trained provider. Side effects of Ultherapy™ are unlikely, however do happen on occasion.

Ultherapy™ may cause some slight discomfort during the treatment; however, this should go away once the treatment is over. The treatment provider will discuss discomfort levels before the treatment begins and will recommend actions on an individual basis.

Some people report a slight redness right after the treatment that quickly disappears and a tingling sensation or slight swelling is common.

Other rare side effects are possible and will be brought to your attention by the practitioner before getting started.

Can Ultherapy™ Help You?

If you have mature skin which is relaxed and no longer looking or feeling firm, you may be the ideal candidate for an Ultherapy™ treatment.

If you’d love to learn more about this treatment, explore The Skin Repair Clinic’s website or call their experts on 01172 541 071 today.

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