This anti-ageing lark is an expensive business, but if you’re looking for a way to tone up jowls and firm the neck and eye areas for free, then read on. 

FACEROBICS® is an exercise system designed to lift and tone facial and neck muscles. There’s a series of You Tube video demonstrations by Peta, an impressively firm faced 50+ year-old.

Peta who is Australian, has an easy-going manner and works through the exercises in a comprehensive way and illustrates how these isometric exercises work with facial muscles.

She also explains why your face may sometimes ache afterwards, gym bunnies will recognise this as the lactic acid burn – the burning sensation that occurs when the muscle has been worked to its limit.

I recommend reading the official Renew Me website first, for a detailed introduction to FACEROBICS® and then take a look at the 5 Exercise Principals video. This should be the first video you watch, if you don’t perform the exercises correctly or do them for too long, then they’ll have the opposite effect and create lines and wrinkles. Understand the reasoning and the techniques, then move on to the  routines.

I can’t post any of the videos on here (copyright and all that jazz), but I can point you to them, especially the ones I think are the most useful. Although they are new ones added every Friday.

This is not a quick fix formula to firmer toned skin, it will take time to see results. Performing these exercise routines on a regular basis is a commitment and a few of them aren’t that easy, but if you’re dedicated and get into the habit of only doing a couple of day, then, hopefully they will soon become second nature.

Copyright of FACEROBICS® belong to Renew Me.

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