EYEBROWS: Benefit Gimme Brow Volumising Fibre Gel, Light

enefit Gimme Brow Volumising Fibre Gel

Talk about being seduced by positive online reviews, I didn’t even NEED this product! My eyebrows are looking healthier than ever, thanks to:

But oh no, I had to fork out an extortionate £23.00 for the tiniest (3.0g) amount of doll-sized product, because EVERYONE raved about it and if it’s on the internet, then it must be true!

Actually, I thought I’d give Gimme Brow a spin because I get a lot of searches on the site looking for solutions to thinning eyebrows and this seemed a novel idea.

This innovative brush-on fibre gel adheres to skin & hair, creating brows where before there were none. It builds easily for thick, lush arches, thanks to a tapered brush (it’s a cut down mascara wand that narrows a bit), for blending & precision tip for shaping.

Now available in TEN shades. When I first tried it there were only two or three shades.

  • Innovative Brush-On Fiber Gel
  • Water-resistant
  • Long-wearing
  • Natural-looking (um…)
  • Buildable

Using short pressing motions, stroke brush tip along brow to define the shape. Comb through to blend & build brows.

For the most natural look, start at the inner edge of your brow and move outward. Repeat to add more volume.


This product really defines my brows and it is perfectly buildable so you can have as much boldness and definition as you prefer!

Tried this as I was due to have semi permanent tattoo, not now needed as this is great and so easy to use.

I’m very impressed with this gel! I have now let the white hairs grow back and I just dab this gel lightly over my eyebrows and it colours all the white hairs and makes my eyebrows look fuller. It looks totally natural – it gives a much more natural look than an eyebrow pencil would.

At last, a brow defined for those of us with sparse or thin brows. This wonderful product will realistically define brows with a delicate wand which delivers just the right amount of colour to brows, filling in gaps with the unique tip.
So easy to apply, creating volume (where there was none!) and giving a very natural look to the brow. Quite the best beauty product I have found for a long time.


I should’ve known the colour was all wrong. It’s more of a medium brown than a light brown, and it’s no coincidence that both my eyebrow powder shades are grey/ashy-brown. This shade looked very harsh on my fair brows.

The wand loads a lot of product and it’s thick and gloopy. I found it hard to control the amount of gel and wiped a lot off, which was messy and wasteful.

I just didn’t get on with it at all, mainly because of the unnatural looking colour and product overload. I will give it a second shot though, and use a very thin brush, perhaps a cheaper version of the Mac 210 brush.

If you’re looking for a dark, dramatic ‘power brow’, which I do think looks great on younger women, then this might be for you. It would look a lot more natural than those thick, unflattering, semi-permanent tattooed brows.

Gimme Brow obviously works for a lot of women, as for older women, well maybe, if you have dark brows and like to use a small brush.

Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Fibre Gel £23.00

EDIT I wrote this review a couple of years ago.


  1. June 10, 2015 / 3:26 am

    Gimme brow is an awesome product for no makeup makeup days

    • June 29, 2015 / 11:51 am

      I wonder if I need to apply it with a small brush to get a more natural look?

  2. June 10, 2015 / 11:33 am

    I was gonna try this but im not sure now!!

    • June 29, 2015 / 11:50 am

      It might just be me being too heavy handed, because everyone raves about Gimme Brow, even Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends.

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