EXPERIMENT: Promote Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth & Condition UPDATE


This is something I have wanted to try for absolutely ages. I’ve read a lot articles on the net raving about the wonders of coconut oil, with the majority claiming that it’s a safe, effective and natural treatment for eyelash and eyebrow growth. By contrast, a few articles have said it’s utter nonsense and cited lots of scientific reasons why it can’t possibly work – we will see.

As I’m trialling RapidLash and RapidBrow, which most people agree does promote lash and brow growth. I thought this would be the ideal time to gather up these items and see if I can prolong the results when the trial finishes.

Obviously, I didn’t want to waste my hard-earned cash on what could be an internet beauty myth, so I did a little research to source the best components for the least amount of money.

These are the actual items I bought and the links are correct at the time of writing, though the prices seem to change, (up and down!) hourly. One of my clever sons did the math and managed to get Amazon’s exorbitant P&P charges down by some jiggery pokery I still don’t fully understand. It all came to less than £20.00 including postage.

100% Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil 100ml £1.99 Amazon UK
I bought a small amount of this because I knew I wouldn’t have another use for it. The worst review said it was a ‘bit thick.’ Good enough for me.


Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 444ml £9.99 (up from £7.95 in March) Amazon UK
There are so many brands to choose from which made it a bit confusing to pick the right one. Therefore, I was lucky to find a site called Evolving Wellness who did all the hard work for me and listed the best and worst brands. Organic, unrefined and cold-pressed coconut oils are the ones to look for.

Nutiva Coconut Oil was the most expensive item, but I knew I would have multiple uses for it and indeed, there are plenty of posts to come on the subject, the funky sounding ‘oil-pulling’ for one.


JODA Clear PVC Travel Bottle & Cream Pot Set £3.95 Amazon UK
I spent too much here. I think you’d probably pay a lot less for these at The Pound Shop (erm…like a pound). The bottles are very soft and squeezy, I really wouldn’t want to take them on holiday with me, but they’re perfect to hold the ‘growth’ serum. The 3 little pots though are fabulous, they’re small, made from hard plastic and screw tightly shut.


Disposable Mascara Wands – 100 Pieces £1.99 Amazon UK
I just guessed at which ones to buy. They took 10 days to arrive from China, but they’re wonderful! Fantastic quality, I bent the head of one back and forth and it didn’t come off, nice sturdy wand too.


So, the ‘recipe’ is:

  • Pour equal parts of castor and coconut oil into a plastic (or small glass) bottle and shake well to mix. Keep in a dark, cool place – not the fridge.
  • Apply to lashes and brows with the wand.
  • Sit back and wait for the magic to happen.
  • Or not.

I won’t be doing this for a while, not until the RapidLash trial has ended, but at least I now have everything to hand. In the meantime, I’m using the coconut oil – a soft lard like consistency that liquefies in seconds, on my hair overnight with gorgeous results. I think my love affair with coconut oil has only just begun.

UPDATE 8th March 2015

My RapidLash/Brow trial is still going strong, so I haven’t had time to try this method just yet. But, I did do a trial run just to see how it would work. I mixed the oils together and applied the mixture (sparingly) with a disposable mascara wand – absolutely fine, until the oil seeped into my eyes.

I’m not sure how others cope with this. I’ve done online research and no one’s mentioned this problem. I have tried using the tiniest amount (by wiping excess oil off the brush head), but it’s still getting into my eyes. If you know a solution, please let me know!

PS Coconut oil is a wonderful hair conditioner, although a nightmare to shampoo out. Also, as it’s good for you, I put a teaspoon on any ‘hot milk’ cereal which gives it a subtle coconutty flavour.


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    i use castor oil on mine and love it too! please check out my new skin series on my blog all about the science behind skin as well as understanding your own skin and developing a complimentary routine. follow and i will love forever xox your local bohemian

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