Escape to Normal (for a little while)

Updating the blogThis isn’t a post about the coronavirus outbreak. You know what to do – wash your hands, self-isolate, stay alive.

This is about the blog and now I’ve run out of excuses got more time on my hands, I’m going to post more frequently.

I’ll be updating the bathroom post below. I typed 5 pages of waffle and thought no, you don’t want to read all that guff and drama. So instead, I’m going to post photos and briefly write about what went right and more importantly, what went very wrong.

I’m also going to put up reviews of make-up and anti-ageing products. We may be living in a ‘real-life’ disaster movie – by the way, ITV2 is showing Contagion on Thursday, I’ve seen it, it’s terrifying. I predict those selfish people who are still out and about socialising will soon flee indoors. But, life goes on and you might want to read something light and fluffy to free your mind from worry for a few minutes.

We WILL return to normality at some point, though none of us will ever be the same again. We’ll either be heartbroken or relieved to simply be alive. I also bet we’ll all be kinder to one another.

I also hope our nurses, doctors, hospital staff and ambulance workers get the recognition they deserve for looking after us and putting their lives at risk.

I should also add to that list GP surgeries, chemists, the police and army, train and tube drivers, in fact, anyone who supplies the public with a service, we thank you.

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