Emmys 2015 – Was the theme: 'Come as a 1950s bedroom suite' this year?

Emmys 2015 - Was the theme: 'Come as a 1950s bedroom suite' this year? I rest my case.
1950s bedroom

Heidi Klum looking horrible in a dress that ironically, she’s too thin for. You need a bit of meat on your bones to pull this one-off. Plus, what the hell is that cheap looking, frayed semi pashmina tacked onto her shoulder?

Heidi Klum

Alan Cumming – I get that he wants to wear something ‘out of the box’ and be edgy, and perhaps he would’ve just about got away with the Crocs (ridiculous as they are), but the wide legged comedy trousers with the over sized, low hanging crotch are too much.

Alan Cumming

Maggie Gyllenhaal looks fine. Hair and make up are nice and the fit and colour suits her. But why go for something so old-fashioned and 80s without some witty acknowledgement that is from the 80s? She just looks really dated.Maggie Gyllenhaal

I’m not keen on Amy Schumer’s dress here. I love the colour on her, but it looks really heavy and it’s not the most flattering cut. Plus her hair is horrible, I know it’s supposed to look messy, but here it just looks a mess. A darker lip would’ve helped too.

Amy Schumer Emmys 2015 The caption reads:

She’s gone dotty! Teyonah Parris’ over-the-top polka dot gown fell into the worst dressed category.

I like it though, it looks fun and a bit different and she obviously feels lovely in it. Who wouldn’t want to swish their dress like this at a glamorous event? I love her huge 80s hair and make up too.
Emmys 2015

Congratulations to Viola Davis on her Emmy win. This gown also caught a bit of flak, but I like it – apart from the vest like top and high neckline, which makes it look too sporty.
Viola Davis Emmys 2015


Naomi Campbell – 45! She may be a phone chucking diva, but Naomi looks fabulous here.

Naomi Campbell
Sarah Hyland – What a stunning colour!

Sarah Hyland

Padma Lakshmi in another gorgeous shade.

Padma Lakshmi

Sofia Vergara – The dress we’d all wear if we looked like her!

Sofia Vergara

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Julie Bowen and Amy Poehler "Amanda

Emmys 2015

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