ELEMIS Pro-Definition Day & Night Cream

ELEMIS Pro-Definition Day & Night Cream

The Pro-Definition range from ELEMIS is all about restoring definition to the appearance of slackening skin by utilising advanced ingredients and plant extracts. These hi-tech products are exclusively designed to focus on advanced signs of ageing and help smooth, tighten, firm and shape mature skin.

An ageing skin is a thinning skin, and may start to slacken. Restore definition and contouring with this innovative system, designed using ground-breaking technology, to give the appearance of tighter, firmer skin.

Formulated specifically for women experiencing age-related hormonal skin changes, the firming day cream combines powerful, hi-tech plant stem cells and arjuna bark extract to plump and tighten, restoring the look of skin’s vitality.

Moisturising and nourishing Starflower oil and lupin help improve the appearance of skin texture and tone as skin feels more resilient.


This Pro-Definition Day Cream is designed to give a temporary lift effect to your complexion. Help to plump, firm and tighten the appearance of your skin.


  • Apply to a cleansed skin every morning
  • Apply a pea size amount
  • Warm between the palms and smooth over the face
  • Avoid direct contact with eyes
The cream isn’t overly rich, it feels like it’s got a lot of slip and is even slightly wet when first applied. Skin however, drinks it up and it absorbs very quickly.

It’s not greasy or shiny on skin, but there is definite sheen to it. It’s wonderful under make up and almost acts like a primer because skin immediately looks smoother.


This Pro-Definition firming night cream is formulated with a powerful blend of gardenia stem cells, arjuna and lupin, which help reduce the appearance of sagging jowls, cheeks and chin.

These powerful plant actives stimulate the skins biological energy cycle to deliver the ultimate lift effect.


  • Apply a pea size amount
  • Warm between the palms and smooth over the face
  • Avoid direct contact with eyes

This is a much richer cream, the scent is a beat more clinical than the lightly fragranced day cream.

This difference in texture though, means you have a little more time to concentrate on application and sweep fingers up and over the saggy areas.

All creams and serums should be applied in an upwards, outwards motion. I’ve seen people slap skin care products (and tanning creams, foundation etc) onto their upper cheeks, pushing outwards and downwards, that’s not going to do your skin any favours. Lift, lift, lift!


ELEMIS is a luxury skin care brand with years of research spent developing products, and using the highest quality ingredients, so admittedly it is expensive.

Elemis Pro-Definition Day Cream 50ml £80.00
Elemis Pro-Definition Night Cream 50ml £95.00


However, Elemis are currently updating their packaging, so it’s possible to make some huge savings if you’ve always wanted to try the brand, but were put off by the price.

These are special offers from companies I’ve used in the past.

DAY CREAM 50ml £44.95 AllBeauty (18/8/16)
50ml £64.00 (16/8/16) from Gorgeous Shop (18/8/16)

NIGHT CREAM 50ml £69.95 AllBeauty (18/8/16)
50ml £76.00 Gorgeous Shop (18/8/16)

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