Easing off the Botox pays dividends

Behold Nicole Kidman in Cannes this week, looking stunning and more natural than we’ve seen her look for ages.

Notice too, how her eyebrows aren’t raised at the ends ‘Dr. Spock’ style anymore. This isn’t to say she’s abandoned all cosmetic treatments, let’s be honest, at 45 she’s still remarkably wrinkle free and her cheeks are fuller, but not pillowy.

I’d also say  there’s something very different about her eyes. I’m not sure if it’s the way she’s smiling, but she used to have heavy eyelids and now her eyes seem more ‘opened’ up. I would love it to be down to make up, but if you isolate her eyes, it doesn’t look like her anymore.  Whatever she’s doing though, it’s working, it’s a gorgeous look.

Nicole Kidman

On the other hand, Courteney Cox despite also being wrinkle free and fuller cheeked, is unfortunately, looking every one of her 48 years. Botox can make you look very hard faced, and I’m afraid that Courteney demonstrates this very clearly. It looks like she has fillers in her cheeks to plump them out and make her look more youthful. Instead, like many women who have had these procedures, it just makes her look like she’s had a lot of ‘work’ done as opposed to looking younger than her years.

Courteney Cox
Life is unfair on ageing women (blindingly obvious statement of the day) and when you’re in the public eye, it’s a hundred times worse. The only tiny scrap of comfort is that men who’ve had surgical procedures look a million times worse afterwards.

Still, wrinkles and jowls aren’t much fun, so I’m going to be looking at other ways, in conjunction with super serums and wonder creams, and see what’s out there to combat (fighting talk!) the ageing process. Non invasive i.e. when no break in the skin is created, treatments that will soften wrinkles and lift jowls but not make you look as hard as nails in the process.

Ladies, we are at war.

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