PRICE DROP! Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleeping Mask

Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleeping Mask



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UPDATE: 18th March 2022

In honour of World Sleep Day, CurrentBody has dropped the price of its best-selling Dr. Harris Sleep Mask by 20%.

That’s £17.99 off £89.99 which means the mask is now £72.00. with code DRH20 at checkout. CurrentBody *


Part of me thinks this is really bonkers and the other part thinks, what if it really works?

I’m talking about the limited edition Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask sold exclusively by CurrentBody, designed to smooth wrinkles and soothe your mind – at the same time.

A world-first, anti-ageing sleep mask. Achieve immediate anti-wrinkle effects that last for 5 hours, in a 15-minute treatment. For longer-lasting results, try wearing the mask overnight.

The mask uses silicone dots to stimulate mechanoreceptors (small nerve endings on the face) to relax muscles and prevent wrinkles.


There is a lot of information on the CurrentBody website and there are clinical trials to back up the bold claims that this sleeping mask will reduce wrinkles by 64% after 15 minutes.

Lines and wrinkles are formed by muscle contractions that happen underneath your skin – it’s been scientifically proven. These muscle contractions form two types of wrinkles – static and dynamic. Dynamic wrinkles are temporary lines formed by expressions, like when you frown or smile. Static wrinkles are more permanent lines.

Using 2R Technology™ (muscle relaxation and emotional relaxation), the Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask targets dynamic wrinkles, using carefully placed silicone dots to stimulate mechanoreceptors – tiny little nerve endings in your face.

Once this starts to happen, it then involves your autonomic nervous system (your rest and digest system), which helps to relax the body – in particular, muscle tone and emotional relaxation.

Since this is an eye mask, that effect is localised right where you want it – those pesky brow furrows.

Plus, while the mask gets to work on delivering a fresher, more youthful appearance, you’ll also experience mind and body relaxation.


Step 1: Put on the anti-ageing sleep mask with the strap surrounding your ear.

Step 2: Press one finger firmly over the relaxation point between your eyebrows.

Step 3: Hold for 5 seconds.

Step 4: Release and lean back, allowing the mask to work for at least 15 minutes.

Step 5: For longer-lasting results, wear as a sleep mask overnight.

Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask £90.00 CurrentBody *

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UPDATE 5/8/21

CurrentBody is sending me a mask. They’ve noted my scepticism but are confident that once I actually try it for myself, I’ll be a convert.

The response to this anti-wrinkle mask has been phenomenal. Super fast results without effort, the masks are selling themselves.

But, you know what has to happen now, don’t you? We need a mask for around the mouth area, covering the nasolabial lines – somewhat ironically called ‘smile’ lines, that run from the side of the nose to the mouth and those truly awful marionette lines from the corners of your mouth that make you look like a ventriloquist’s dummy. I’d buy one!

UPDATE 15th August 2021


I’ve had this mask for a mere 10 days now. I wouldn’t normally write a review this fast, but the results are instant so I think it’s fair to put down my experience so far.

The mask itself is nicely presented with a handy travel pouch. Fresh out of the box it appears unremarkable, although it took six years of research and development to produce.

This is not a regular sleeping mask with a few silicone dots scattered willy-nilly, they’re placed at exact points to stimulate tiny little nerve endings in your face around your eyes.

It’s lighter than I thought, I was expecting it to be weightier with more robust, pointy dots. There are a lot of them in a distinctive pattern, but they’re small and soft to the touch.

After the first few nights, I’ve figured out part of the reason it’s so relaxing, it’s not only the response from the autonomic nervous system here that’s at play here. What I mean is that I’ve slept soundly from the first night I started wearing it, every-single-night. I’m certain this is because the mask completely blacks out all light. It’s not bigger than a regular sleeping mask, but it is slightly thicker although still soft.

I think it’s because the mask also slightly ‘dips in’ on the eye area, there’s barely any pressure, but it’s this total blackout coupled with the ‘snug’ feeling that contributes to the relaxed state. That’s my theory anyway.

The important bit! I’ve got to say, big old sceptic that I am, the horizontal line between my eyebrows has softened almost completely by the morning. There is still the faintest trace of a line, but it’s taken away the harshness that can make me look a little cross, this is the reason I wear a fringe. I know for certain a drop of filler would take it away completely, but there’s that pesky needle to deal with – which I can’t. This one development is everything to me.

There is also a general softening around the eye area. I’m lucky that there aren’t too many fine lines under my eyes which I put down to the silicone under-eye patches I wear daily.

Because the anti-wrinkle effect does effectually wear off, I had the genius idea of using the mask in the early evening before we go out. The problem, of course, is that to wear it you need to lie down and relax in a quiet place and inevitably you nod off.

If you’re considering this mask, then read every review you can find. Preferably by someone old enough to have wrinkles!

Please let me know if you’ve bought one of these and what you think of it, did it work for you and is my experience similar to yours?

Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask £89.00 NOW £72.99 with code DRH20 at checkout CurrentBody *

*Affiliate link


I like to check that the codes are working and I’m pleased to say DRHARRIS at checkout works! CurrentBody Offer


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