Dot…Dot…Dot: Crepey Crease Fix

A quick tip to navigate around the thorny issue of applying shadow to the eye crease when the lid is crepey.

There will come a day when you’ll be brushing a carefully selected eye shadow onto the socket area of your eye to create a crease line and you will find, to your horror, that as you apply the shadow, THE SKIN MOVES AND DOESN’T PING BACK INTO PLACE!

Instead of a solid line ready to blend into other shadows, the colour travels all over the lid and creates a messy blur.

At 50, my left eye is relatively crease free. My right eye is not and it’s no coincidence that it’s the side I sleep on. This is a fixable anti-ageing problem, sleep on your back and put off eye wrinkles for a little bit longer.

Eventually nature, (I mean ageing),  takes over and eye muscles slacken, hence eyelid lifts etc. I see no need to hasten this by sleeping on your side.  All beauty therapists will be able to tell at once just by looking at you, which side you sleep on.

The simple solution is to dot the eyeshadow and gently ‘join’ the dots to form your crease line. This way you have a lot more control of the shadow and it will stay in the right area.

This is also a useful tip for pencil eyeliner on the lower eyelid. I am still seeing a lot of older women with solid lines of eyeliner which can look very harsh, using this ‘join the dots’ system softens the line out.

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