undereye circles trio

These are the three makeup products that will banish the appearance of dark under eye circles forever.

It’s taken me a long time to hit on the right combination of products, but here they are.

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PIXI Colour Correcting Concentrate in shade Peach.

PIXI Correction Concentrate - Shade Brightening Peach

Highly pigmented, this correction concealer instantly erases darkness, softens and blurs lines.

I apply this with a tiny soft brush as my finger is a bit sausagey for the doll-sized jar.

The texture feels almost creamy at first, but I’ve noticed it dries down very fast. You have to apply a little eye cream first (which you should be doing anyway and letting it settle before applying this corrector) to moisturise the area so it’s doesn’t creep into any tiny lines.

Application needs to be very lighthanded, it’s a mean little jar but it will last a long time. You need to gently blend it in and check in the mirror from all angles that there’s no telltale pink residue.


GLOSSIER Stretch Concealer in shade G11.

GLOSSIER Stretch Concealer

A buildable concealer that covers everything from dark circles to blemishes and redness, with a dewy, glowy finish.

Sheer and buildable with a subtle satin finish, this will kill off under circle darkness. I’m able to get my finger into this jar and I pat it on gently so I don’t disturb the eye cream and corrector underneath.


Beauty Pie Superluminous Undereye Genius.


Visibly brightens dark circles with High Luminous Intensity Anti-Fatigue Pigments.

Not overly creamy, it’s a perfect thin formula to brush or pat under the eyes. It stays in place all day without creasing and brightens just enough to lighten up the under-eye area.

The key here is a light application of all three products, anything too layered and it will emphasise lines and texture, the very things we don’t want.

Maybe I’m not using these in the correct order, but all I know is that I’ve finally conquered the appearance of my dark under-eye circles.


PIXI Colour Correcting Concentrate in shade Peach £14.00 LOOK FANTASTIC *

GLOSSIER Stretch Concealer in shade G11 £15.00 GLOSSIER *

Beauty Pie Superluminous Undereye Genius £8.93 BEAUTY PIE

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