DELPH Sun Lotion SP30 & After Sun Gel

DELPH Sun Lotion SP30 & After Sun Gel I’m always a little skeptical about low-cost sun care, I think it’s the one area where you shouldn’t opt for a budget version. The Delph range of sun skin care products is certainly competitively priced, with the aloe vera After Sun Gel retailing from as little as £1.99.

The difference is that the Delph range, established 20 years ago, is tested as a medicine, on human volunteers in laboratory conditions by independent testers. Proven protection without the hefty price tag

Delph is an affordable range that is 100% proven to work. The range is fully tested according to medical standards and it is supplied to the NHS (National Health Service), many local authorities and public utilities as well as the MoD and RNLI.

It is one of only 7 sun creams listed on the UK Drug Tariff allowing it to be prescribed by GP’s so you’re safe in the knowledge you are being protected.

Praise indeed.

Readers of a certain age, may remember Delph Lemon Cleansing Milk and I understand a lighter version of the same fragrance is used in the sun lotions.

The Sun Lotion comes in a non leaky tube – as tested by my 14-year-old on a school trip to France recently.

The majority of high factor sunscreen creams make him break out, but I read up on this sun lotion first, and a lot of reviews are from mums whose children have particularly sensitive skin and they said this was the only brand that didn’t break them out.

He didn’t think anything of the scent (if he thought it was the slightest bit girly, he wouldn’t have taken it with him). It’s non greasy and absorbs quickly. Reapply every 1 to 2 hours for maximum protection.

The After Sun Gel has a faint ‘hairdresser salon’ scent and is soothing after a day in the sun, but, (speaking from personal experience) is especially cooling on the legs at night-time.


Sold by most independent chemists (on and offline), the prices can vary, but expect to pay anything from £3.99 for the Sun Lotion and from £1.99 for the After Sun Gel.

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