I like to think I know a little bit about protein powder shakes. I have two boys – now men, so I was used to receiving deliveries of huge boxes from Amazon containing enormous red and black tubs of protein powder.

The smell as they made them up used to make me gag – though not half as much as the smell of unwashed shaker bottles left in their gym bags.

Dare is a small family run business. The brainchild of two parents, one an A&E doctor and the other a health fanatic working in Finance. Two busy people with three kids and an ethos that says small changes can make a big difference.

It’s unfair to call this a mere protein shake, it’s so much more, a vegan drink packed with seeds, superfoods, herbs, phytonutrients, pre-and probiotics and all 26 essential vitamins and minerals. The difference here is that the shakes taste delicious.


Complete Nutrition sits at the core of our offering as we believe it is key to feeling healthier and happier and thereby bearing an influence on your day to day motivation.

Where other brands focus on the macros, weight loss, essential nutrients and cliched tribal diet slogans, we instead ventured beyond and above all that and curated additional Functional Superfoods that not only meet your nutritional needs and fitness goals but also harness other benefits to your Health, Mood, Emotion and Mental and Physical Performance.


A nutritionally complete powdered plant-based beverage that can be used as a nutritious snack or as part of a meal plan.

Each serving is dosed at the right levels for a perfect balance of complete protein, essential fats, Omega-3, slow-releasing complex carbs and fibre for a ridiculously tasty, filling, nutritious and motivating all-purpose shake.

We’ve done all the hard work for you, so you simply just need to add water or milk and voila! If you’ve got time you could be creative and blend with bananas and all your other favourite ingredients.

Dare Motivational ShakeHOW TO USE (MY THOUGHTS)

  • To help rebuild and repair muscles after a workout – which is how my boys used them.
  • To supplement your diet with a balanced mix of essential vitamins and minerals.
  • To help gain weight as a nutritious addition to your diet. I’ve never been in a position when I had to gain weight, but I imagine you’d add whole milk, bananas etc.
  • To help lose weight as it keeps you fuller for longer so you don’t snack. Mix it with skimmed milk or water to keep the calories down.

This is NOT a meal replacement shake, because let’s be honest that simply just sounds wrong! We’re not going to claim its some sort of ancient health potion, or some “real food” fixer of all.

But actually, you CAN use it as a meal replacement.


Whenever I’m offered a food product to review, I always read other reviews first before I commit. Life’s too short to try something that doesn’t taste nice. I still have nightmares about ProLon’s revolting Kale Crackers, though everything else was absolutely fine.

The shakes seem to pass the ‘taste test’ with everyone liking the flavour. But then I noticed there were a lot of reviews from people with food intolerances or intestinal problems, which I thought was interesting.

As an endometriosis sufferer, this has been a godsend for me, it allows me to get through the day when my fatigue hits hard, it gives me the energy to get some sort of exercise done.

I have tried both the Jaffa Orange and the Vanilla Frosting and they both taste amazing! As an IBS suffer with intolerances to gluten and dairy these products are fantastic and have a great flavour too! I now use most days either in a shake, baked oats, overnight oats or baking!

As an IBS sufferer and long time Crohn’s disease warrior, trying to find a protein product that I can tolerate and digest is an absolute godsend! I wouldn’t be without my daily dose of essential vitamins & minerals.

I am also anaemic and this is because I never get enough folic acid or iron in my diet, so the shake really helps me ensure I get enough vitamins and nutrients every day, it’s  probably why I feel so energetic whilst on this.


I have always struggled with weight loss, I decided to start calorie counting and cut the snacking between the meals, Dare Motivational Shake has helped me feel fuller for longer and curb the unhealthy snacking, not only that but I feel much more energised and more focussed. I’m on my 8th week and I feel great. I’m finally succeeding in losing weight, about 1.5lb a week and I couldn’t be more delighted.

10/10 I’ve been using this for weeks and certainly feel the benefits in my energy, feel fuller and no bloating or cramps I get with whey.

I was after a clean and nutritious shake that didn’t have a strange protein shake taste. Then I came across Dare shakes. The taste is just delicious, perfect for chocolate lovers like me, very filling and clean and nutritious.

I was sent the three flavours on offer from Dare Motivation – Cocoa & Peanut Butter, Cocoa & Jaffa and Cocoa & Vanilla Frosting.

  • Cocoa and Peanut Butter – I  opened this one first because it’s my least favourite combination, at least, I thought it was. My boys used to devour boxes of Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups which I always found too cloying and a bit sickly. I blended this one with semi-skimmed milk. It’s very creamy and if you like peanuts then you’ll love this flavour. There’s a full-on taste of roasted peanuts, but it’s not drowned out by the cocoa which is why I like it. It is extremely filling and if you’re looking for a shake to fill you up, this is for you.
    Having said that, I would probably mix it with water as it is so rich. I say probably because reader, one of my sons took it. He mixes it with almond milk which seems like nutty overkill to me, but he loves it.
  • Cocoa and Jaffa – This was always going to be a favourite and it didn’t let me down. We had some strange, cool weather when I was testing this one so I warmed it up. I blended it with half water/half milk as I prefer a thinner consistency to my hot drinks. It was still really filling though. The problem with using shakes as a weight loss aid – and I think we’ve all had a little sip of them, or protein shakes in general, is that they taste bloody horrible. These shakes have been worked on to get rid of that whey protein taste as one of the reviewers above said.
  • Cocoa Vanilla Frosting – Move over Jaffa. THIS is my favourite one now, even Mark liked it. It just has a really lovely chocolate flavour. I pop it in the fridge so it thickens up and becomes icy cold and reblend it just before serving with frozen raspberries.


Either make it up ice cold or heat it up, never drink it at room temperature – ugh!

If you mix it with water, let it stand for at least 30 minutes before drinking to thicken it up.

Adding fruit makes it extra thick – a banana for post workouts, frozen berries to crank it up to pretend milkshake status.

You can also make it work as a trendy, ‘Instagram worthy’ protein bowl apparently, though I can’t imagine eating it with a spoon as if it was soup.


This is a fun brand with a lot of thought behind it from sourcing the ingredients, making sure the product is nutritious without compromising on flavour, to building a community.

A lot of thought has gone into their product with lots to read on their website.


You can use these drinks to gain or lose weight, as a health boost to your diet especially if you can’t tolerate gluten or dairy, or as a post-workout drink.

Two scoops blended with water, dairy or nut/oat drinks – anything really.

208 to 216 calories per serving (depending on the flavour) when made up with water.


1 bag, containing 15 servings is £30.00 which includes a shaker bottle and a t-shirt. Delivery on orders over £20.00 is free. The shakes cost 10% less if you choose a regular delivery of shakes.

If you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll be sent a code for 20% off your first order or just type in AWESOME20

Without regular delivery, that’s £2.00 a serving. The quality and research and sourcing of ingredients account for that but I was still wondering about the cost.

I asked my son Alex how this compares to his regular protein shakes, and he said that it is definitely on the expensive side, but it’s worth it for the taste as ‘it goes down easier’ and he doesn’t have to gulp it. Praise indeed I think.

In the end, packed as it is with all the ‘healthy stuff” it’s the taste that counts.


DareMotivation.com * Affiliate link

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