CurrentBody Skin RF Device

CurrentBody Skin RF Device

CurrentBody Skin has entered the radio frequency market with a brand-new anti-ageing device.


The CurrentBody Skin RF Device uses the power of heat to deliver anti-ageing results to instantly plump, firm and smooth your skin. Target fine lines and wrinkles, sculpt your jawline, and restore your glow with every, easy-to-use treatment.

Clinically proven to reverse the signs of ageing, this powerful hand-held device visibly and comfortably reduces sagging skin, jowls and uneven skin texture with ease.

Long-term results can be visible with just five minutes of use per week for eight weeks.

Wrinkles will appear smoothed, skin feels firmer, and texture is improved. The device is ideal for full face or targeting specific areas of concern such as crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles to smile lines, jowls, sagging neck, and skin tightening.


The brand-new device uses unique bipolar RF technology, with effective treatments that adjust to your individual skin. It works by using radio waves that pass through the skin from one pole to another, penetrating to the deeper dermis layers of the skin where collagen is formed. Heat is then generated because of tissue resistance to the RF energy.

Collagen contracts for an immediate effect while heat stimulates the skin to make more collagen – better circulation means more oxygen and nutrients.


  • Device with a cap that doubles as a stand
  • Extensive user manual
  • Storage pouch
  • International plug adaptors
  • Conductive radio frequency gel

The device has a chrome finish and is similar in shape and design to the famous Tripollar device. It’s fairly light and fits nicely in the hand.

There are four prongs and the lid/standing caps snaps on tightly.

I always perform a patch test when using any new product or at-home device and it’s absolutely essential here. This baby really heats up so I wouldn’t advise use before a big night out because of the resulting pinkness.


One whole face (including each side of the neck but avoiding the thyroid gland in the centre) takes 70 minutes in total, that’s a real commitment, but it is only once a week. Each target area takes 5 minutes – apart from the forehead which takes 10 minutes. You can customise your treatment ie marionette lines, jaw (jowls!), and neck only, or just crow’s feet and ’11’ lines.

The booklet, which is a very good reference guide, tells you what the preferred device movement is for each area, ie small circular movements, side to side, or up and down.

As with all radio frequency devices you need to keep the device moving for the entire treatment.



  • FOREHEAD FOCUS – Glide up and down across your forehead to soften wrinkles. (5 minutes each side)
  • BROW 11’s  – Slowly circle or glide up and down to soften between the brows. (5 minutes)
  • CROW’S FEET – Skim the top of your cheekbones with continuous, slow ‘side to side’ circular motions. (5 minutes each side)
  • CHEEKS – Use slow circular motions over the cheeks for plump, bouncy skin. (5 minutes each side)
  • SMILE LINES – Gently move up and down over smile lines to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. (5 minutes each side)
  • CHIN REFINE – Small ‘side to side’ movements over the chin to smooth skin texture. (5 minutes)
  • LIFTED JAWLINE – Glide up and down along your jawline to sculpt, lift and tighten. (5 minutes each side)
  • NECK SCULPT – Glide up and down across the neck to smooth wrinkles, tighten and lift. (5 minutes each side)
  • FULL FACE – Address your every skin concern. Fade forehead wrinkles, brow 11’s, under eye and smile lines, smooth your cheeks, chin and neck. Sculpt and lift your jawline. This is the full-face treatment that does it all. (70 minutes total, 5 minutes each treatment area)

There are a number of contraindications for use ie you cannot use the device if you’ve had plastic surgery, botox, fillers or chemical peels, or retinol/tretinoin in the past three months. It’s not to be used on tattooed skin, or over permanent makeup, by pregnant women (yeah, I said women). Those with diabetes, uncontrolled thyroid disease, a damaged immune system, or active skin conditions should not use this RF device.

After reading all that, I thought, just how powerful is this thing? The answer is, VERY! It was two years in development by CurrentBody, they obviously want this to be as successful as their LED Face Mask. I’ve had other Radio Frequency devices which I love, but I’ve never used anything that heats up like this.

£60.00 CurrentBody *

CurrentBody Skin Gel

I’ve always said that you don’t need to buy the usually expensive recommended gels with your devices (see post below), but this CurrentBody Skin one is rather excellent.

My problem with an ‘official’ gel has always been that it evaporates on your face before you’ve reached the next treatment area, so you have to keep reapplying or, it dries leaving an unpleasant film on the skin.

This gel comes in a 100ml tube but you need only need to apply the thinnest layer to be effective. There’s glycerin in the product, so the gel doesn’t dry out on your face and the smallest blob will last a whole treatment. Reluctant as I am and hugely backtracking on my post below, I’m going to buy three tubes when this one runs out. I say three because one tube is £30.00 but the cost for three is £60.00, much more economical.

Serums for gadgets


There are two built-in safety sensors that continuously monitor the temperature of the device – reassuring because it really does heat up, but that’s a positive, heat is being delivered effectively which is what we want to get that collagen pumping!

The semi-circle indicates which energy level is set, 1, 2 or 3. I can’t see myself progressing to two never mind level three any time soon. My skin became immediately pink and it lingers a while afterward, which could be because I have sensitive skin, but, the upside is that you really can see an immediate plumpness that lasts a couple of days.

I’m assuming the effect is cumulative and the results will gradually last longer during the 8-week recommended treatment duration.

Full disclosure, I’ve only used this device twice. I caught Covid for the first time a few weeks ago (with only one unpleasant night) so I need to restart my 8-week plan.


My only little gripe. The treatment indicator, the short straight line above the energy level light, blinks green until the optimal temperature is achieved on the skin then glows a static green.

After  5 minutes it turns a solid orange to indicate the end of that treatment, the problem is it’s too easy to miss. I would’ve really preferred a built-in timer to beep at the end of my session so I could do other things. I use my phone to time the 5-minute intervals.

CurrentBody Skin RF Device


Bonus! Not indicated as an official designated treatment area in the booklet, so don’t quote me. But…I read that radio frequency devices are especially effective on the double chin area (if, of course, you possess such an area), but only IF the device heats up to 43c, the optimal temperature to see real results.

CurrentBody’s one does exactly that (it’s in the booklet) with sensors automatically preventing it from heating up beyond that.

Eliminate a double chin? Yes, please!


CurrentBody Skin Radio Frequency device £299.00 CurrentBody *

As always, if you’re not going to commit and use an anti-ageing device consistently – don’t buy it!

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