New from CurrentBody Skin is the LED Teeth Whitening Kit which I was fortunate enough to trial pre-launch.

CurrentBody Skin is this LED Teeth Whitening Kit

The CurrentBody Skin LED Teeth Whitening Kit is the clinically proven LED solution for whiter teeth and healthier gums, with an average of 6 shades of whiter teeth after just one treatment.

This device uses clinically proven light wavelengths to penetrate deeper than the surface of the gums to promote blood circulation and stimulate skin rejuvenation.1

  • Achieve up to 10 shades whiter teeth after just 6 daily treatments, teeth will go up to 10 shades lighter, lasting up to 6 weeks
  • Rejuvenates gums by increasing oxygen and helping to stimulate cell production
  • Contributes to overall oral health and reduction of oral bacteria
  • Fully rechargeable, hands-free treatment which will last up to 6 weeks
  • Using PAP whitening technology to break down stains and whiten teeth
  • Clinically proven, pain-free, safe treatment with no sensitivity

CurrentBody Skin is this LED Teeth Whitening Kit


  • LED Teeth Whitening device
  • Charging base
  • USB charging cord – no mains charger
  • Storage bag
  • User manual
  • CurrentBody Skin Whitening Gel 5ml x 3


Three LED wavelengths, Red, Infrared and Blue Light, combined with the whitening gel make a powerful oral treatment.

  • RED – Works by increasing the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the driver behind cell renewal.
  • INFRARED – Accelerates the ‘wound healing cells’ to mimic injury, creating new cells and improving oxygen levels.
  • BLUE –  HelpS target bacteria levels in the mouth, which is the cause of bad breath and poor dental hygiene.

The CurrentBody LED Teeth Whitening Kit is safe, 100% vegan and contains a neutral pH to ensure it has no harmful impact on the teeth. The natural peppermint-flavoured gel is packed full of calcium, aloe vera and vitamin E to help reduce tooth sensitivity and strengthen teeth.

CurrentBody Skin is this LED Teeth Whitening Kit


Step 1: Clean your teeth to remove any excess plaque and food.
Step 2: Unscrew the top of the syringe.
Step 3: Apply a quarter of a syringe, 1.25ml, to each side of the tray. When applying the whitening gel to the device, face the shield upwards, so no gel is spilled.
Step 4: Put the device in your mouth and switch it on to start the 20-minute treatment. (The device will switch off automatically).
Step 5: Rinse with water and recharge in either the charging base or attached to the USB charging cord after each use.
Step 6: Repeat steps daily for 6 days to complete a full treatment.


Obviously, I was keen to try this out. LED teeth whitening at the dentist is really effective but expensive, it was around £350.00 pre-lockdown – I wouldn’t even ask what they charge now plus it’s really uncomfortable!

The kit is as slick as ever from CurrentBody Skin. The device is a professional-looking gum shield tray that sits on a USB charging cradle when not in use and comes with a protective dust case.

I found applying the pearlescent whitening gel a little tricky to get right the first time as the syringes aren’t marked out in doses on the outside, they’re marked via notches on the inside.

1.25ml on each side is a lot but you feel confident the gel is covering all of your teeth.

The whole procedure was easy and painless which is important as I have sensitive gums and a couple of expensive veneers which were needed when I chipped two front teeth on peanut brittle an apple.

You cannot whiten veneers because porcelain is non-porous so I was curious to see what would happen. Over the course of the six days of treatment, the veneers didn’t whiten but I could see they had lightened up.

The gel breaks down the stains on teeth caused by everyday eating and drinking of the usual things such as coffee and wine. It has a natural peppermint flavour and is a safe, neutral pH ensuring no damage is caused to the mouth and teeth.

The rest of my teeth (and I’ve only done one treatment so far) most definitely did lift 4 or 5 shades.

I’m loving CurrentBody’s at-home LED technology for anti-ageing the face, neck, chest, lips, and now teeth. I’m including teeth whitening as an anti-ageing treatment because, as I’ve mentioned before, as we age our (real) teeth, especially the bottom ones, become darker and yellow from tea, coffee, red wine etc so whitening the teeth lifts and brightens the face too.


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