REVIEW CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Growth Helmet

CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Growth Helmet

The trauma of hair loss or hair thinning is devastating to those who experience it. If you’re fortunate enough to escape any of the many contributing factors to hair loss it seems there’s no getting away from it as we age.

Whether it’s long or short, a thick, glossy mane of hair will always make you look younger. Of course, you can buy hair extensions or hair pieces but some people want to address the problem at the root of the problem, pun unfortunately intended.

The independent reviews and in-depth studies on CurrentBody Skin’s LED Hair Growth Helmet are impressive.

I quote and link to the Men’s Health study at the end of this article which was thorough –  ‘In the lab, we used a Hair Metrix machine to assess hair width and follicular units per cm² before, during and after the 16-week test period.’ I’ve added a few thoughts on their man gripes, but their verdict on the device:

Our experts found the device made a marked difference to the thickness and volume of our panellists’ hair by the end of the 16-week trial.


As the most common cause of hair thinning for both men and women, pattern hair loss is a genetically driven condition that starves hair follicles of oxygen and essential nutrients.

In women, this appears as overall thinning and widening of the midline. For men, it appears as crown balding and receding hairlines.

The CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Growth Helmet uses the clinically proven red (640nm) wavelength to increase blood flow to the affected hair follicles.

Increase scalp circulation, strengthen follicles and extend the growth (anagen) phase for newer, thicker hair growth.


  • 0 to 4 weeks: LED increases blood flow of oxygen and essential nutrients to dormant hair follicles whilst delaying the production of DHT (the hormone responsible for hair loss).
  • 4 to 8 weeks: Nutrients move to the scalp’s surface, essential for ‘waking up’ hair follicles and supporting existing ones.
  • 12 to 16 weeks: Healthy hair follicles are fully formed, with an additional overall increase in follicle count.
  • 16 weeks onwards: Continue using your device regularly to increase the growth phase of hair follicles.

LED Helmet


Follow the recommended treatment plan of daily 10-minute treatments for 16 weeks. Depending on your hair growth cycle, you should start to see results by 6 to 8 weeks.

The 4-Month Money Back Guarantee offers enough time to complete the full 16-week treatment journey.


CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Growth Helmet (in either small or medium, for the same price)

Protective Non-Charging Base

USB Charging Cord (No Mains Plug)

User Manual

CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Growth Helmet


Step 1: Conduct a sensitivity test.

Step 2: Ensure your hair is clean, dry and product-free.

Step 3: Take a ‘before’ photo of the area you wish to improve.

Step 4: Place the device on your head, adjust the headphones for comfort.

Step 5: Turn on your device and connect to Bluetooth.

Step 6: Sit back and relax. The device will turn off after 10 minutes.


My fine hair is not thinning but has become thinner. This might be a natural age-related process (yay) or, and this is what I’m hoping for, it’s just one of those long phases where my hair feels thinner and then thickens up a bit a few months later.

I want to give you an idea of how the helmet is used. I am 100% confident that you will use it every day because it is too big to ignore and it’s a huge spend.

Everything has been beautifully designed, from the box to the stand to the helmet. I keep mine on the stand in the box.

The helmet is lightweight on the head, the ear parts on each side slightly weightier but you can’t feel it on your head. They have padded headset ear cushions which can be adjusted up and down for a comfortable fit.

If hair is long I suggest pulling it back into a low ponytail. I left my hair loose the first time I used it, adjusted the ear pads and my hair caught up in them, I didn’t do it again.

There are 20 soft rubber sucker pads so the helmet doesn’t sit directly on your head, again, it’s a comfort feature. I read a review saying the pads were sticky and stuck to her hair as she took the helmet off, I can only think she had a lot of product on her hair. Hair doesn’t have to be freshly shampooed, just clean of grease and product.

What surprised me is that the helmet and therefore the 120 LED lights, come right down to just above the eyebrows, it also covers the whole back of your head.

I might be wrong to suggest this, but as it would be impossible to take the helmet on holiday, could you not take the CurrentBody Face or Neck LED Mask if you have one, and pop it on your head to get the benefit of LED? < I may have to delete this!

There’s a little charging slot on the right side of the helmet you plug the USB cable into. Fresh out of the box, I think I charged it for about 4 hours. I’ve only recharged it once and that’s with Mark and I sharing it.

To activate it, find the settings mode on your mobile and access the ‘Bluetooth’ section. It will say finding device but I just press the button on the right under the charging port and it beeps into life.

It switches off automatically after 10 minutes.

I’m a bit woolly when it comes to listening to music via Bluetooth, but apparently, you can do this if connect it to your phone to listen to music during the treatment.

It will be a long journey  – 96% saw an improvement in hair thickness in 12 weeks, though 16 weeks’ use is the norm, but I’m looking forward to seeing the results. I like that CurrentBody is so confident in their product that you’re encouraged to take before and after photos to document progress.

Ranked No.1 ‘Best Hair Growth Device for Hair Loss’ by Men’s Health, here is the technical information for people with a classified hair loss diagnosis.

CurrentBodySkin LED hair growth helmet info


CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Growth Helmet £650.00 CurrentBody *


Code UNFADING15 applied at checkout slashes the price by 15% to £552.50 saving £97.50

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Our experts found the device made a marked difference to the thickness and volume of our panellists’ hair by the end of the 16-week trial when using the Hair Metrix machine in the lab. The panellists themselves were pleased with the increased density of hair growth and praised the fact it has in-built headphones, so they could beat boredom while it got to work on their flagging follicles.

‘Other people started to tell me my hair looked fuller and all I’d been doing was using this every day,’ said one tester, while another told us: ‘It was easy to use, had clear instructions and was wireless, so I could use it wherever I was in the house. I could even connect the headphones to my laptop, so I could watch TV while wearing it.’

‘It was comfortable to wear and had adjustments for the ear pieces, and at around 6-8 weeks I started to notice new regrowth.’ said another.


It’s expensive, it costs £650 (not with my discount code), bulky (yes, agreed, but it does cover the whole head), and only works if you’re consistent with it, we’re talking 10 minutes every day for 16 weeks. As I’ve said above, it’s too big to ignore, you WILL use it. 

Feedback included:

‘It’s not great for longer hair as it can pull or break longer strands off while removing it from your head.’ To be fair, this could happen if you’re a clumsy oaf. I would put longer hair into a low pony.

‘It’s too bulky to travel with and takes up a lot of space, so you couldn’t use it if you had a trip planned or even if you’re not driving between destinations.’ Yes, but if you have the LED mask you could pop it on your head, some LED is better than none. 

‘The beep it gave when it was finished or running out of charge was so loud it always gave me a shock.’ Diddums. 

Men’s Health full review

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