COMPARISON: Jo Malone & ALDI Pomegranate Noir Candles

Jo Malone & ALDI Pomegranate Noir Candles

I’ve had to revise and rewrite this review – all because I stepped outside for a moment to collect the post.

I love Jo Malone candles, in particular, the Red Roses fragrance. It’s a fail safe for anyone who’s ever stuck for a present for me (MARK), but they are very expensive.

You can’t fail to have heard of ALDI’s copycat version for £3.99. Although strangely, I hadn’t until Mark mentioned it, which he instantly regretted, because I sent him straight out to buy me a handful. Ha! Wishful thinking on my behalf, because they sell out as fast as they come in and you’re limited to one!

I purchased my one and only, Pomegranate Noir No 3 candle online – which is now out of stock (I’m super helpful, I know!)

However, if you’re an early riser, and get to ALDI before everyone else, how does the candle compare to the Jo Malone original?


It was a clever move to have two wicks in the ALDI version, it makes the candle seem more luxurious and expensive. Plus, the jar is only slightly tapered in at the bottom, candle jars that look like they could double up as tumblers always look cheap, so that’s another plus. The clear label is easy to peel off too.

The surface is very oily. I checked, and the Jo Malone candle isn’t greasy on top. I don’t know if this is because of cheaper ingredients in the ALDI version.

The lid is awful – cheap, light metal (I wasn’t even sure it was metal at first). Don’t even think of using it as a holder, it’s too big and looks like you’ve placed a giant jam jar lid under your candle. There’s no converting this one into a jar with a lid when the candle’s finished either – the Jo Malone one is the perfect size to hold cotton wool ear buds.


I don’t own a Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir candle, but I do have the soap. The soaps are great value and make lovely, thoughtful presents. £15.00 for 100g seems expensive, but they never lose their fragrance.

Unwrap a bar, keep it in the inner waxy wrapping and pop it in a drawer to scent your clothes. I have a Red Roses one on my bedside table and it’s a real treat to wake up to that gorgeous, perfumed scent every morning.

Anyway, I compared the soap to the candle and have to admit that although the candle is indeed a ‘distant cousin’ to the Jo Malone one, they are definitely related. I would even class it as a watered down version. However, when lit, I’m afraid you have to lean close enough to singe your eyebrows to actually detect this scent.

I was going to say you should peel off the label, dump the lid, place it on a pretty tile and pass it off as a ‘might be expensive’ candle.

BUT, I nipped out to collect the post and when I came back in – and it’s the living room, so it’s big, I was pleasantly surprised, because the strong pomegranate noir fragrance met me at the door. It had been lit for just under an hour.


Safety point – it is thick glass, but it became extremely hot at the top. I wonder if it’s because the fill starts quite low down? Also, the melted layer of wax is quite deep, and looks a little murky.

On the plus side, it burned evenly. I’ve sometimes had tunnelling problems (this is when the candle melts downwards and leaves high sides), with Jo Malone candles if the wick isn’t centered properly.

The candle and glass cool extremely quickly when it’s extinguished. It solidifies fast and I’m pleased to see it levels off nice and evenly.


Sure, it’s on eBay for three times the price, but it’s always worth nipping into your local ALDI as soon as they open – 7am in some stores.

I asked Mark to politely enquire when new stock was due in and he said they didn’t know… Hmm, I strongly suspect he didn’t ask because he’s fed up of trotting off to ALDI every 5 minutes!


Instant lust! How I would love to get my hands on the Freesia & Pear and Lime Basil & Mandarin ones!

I’m always a little skeptical of the hype surrounding some of these budget supermarket ‘looky likey’ products. I think they rely on (paid for) media hysteria and people like me who hear about it, and buy out of curiosity (it’s still a sale after all). However, ALDI’s Pomegranate Noir is tremendous value – if you can get your hands on one, and an excellent dupe for its Jo Malone namesake.

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