REVIEW: Ariane Poole Concealer (Redness & Rosacea Control)

Ariane Poole Concealer

UPDATE 27th January 2013

This is yet another update. I rested this concealer for a couple of months and I’m sad to say that when I went back to it a couple of months ago, it did the same thing again and sunk straight into my pores. It really is hard to shift as well.

It’s such a shame because it really is a lovely product – when it works – and it definitely worked for me for a brief period.

I’ve looked online and I can’t find one single review that says the same thing – everyone loves it!

Maybe there’s a combination ie a layering order of moisturiser, foundation and serum etc that I’ve not tried? I’m going back to the drawing board this week and will try to master the application technique.

UPDATED 20th June 2013

It’s taken me a couple of weeks to figure out how to use this product for maximum results. I’ve had to adapt the way I apply foundation to make it work for me.

This concealer, on my skin, does not like to be layered. It is suggested on the accompanying  instruction sheet that it should be applied on top of a thin layer of foundation. (Forgot to add, I ditched the brush, clean fingers are better to blend with.) I did this and it sunk into the pores on my cheeks and emphasised them horribly. It also doesn’t like to go on top of Benefit’s The POREfessional either, again, you could see my pores from space.

After letting my moisturiser sink in for 20 minutes as usual. I apply POREfessional on my nose and areas to the side of my nose.

I then apply (patting/dabbing) the concealer just onto the red parts – my cheeks, next I use Liz Earle Sheer Tint on the rest of my face. This method has increased the time it takes to apply my make up but that’s because I’m still at the experimental stage. It’s hard at first to know how much of each colour to apply. You will only need a thin layer to cover and conceal redness and rosacea. A thick layer look cakey and is hard to shift without a lot of rubbing – although it’s good to know it has staying power!

It should be gently dabbed on and never rubbed on, you have more control over the shades (especially the dark one) this way. A professional make up artist will know instantly how much of each colour to apply, us mere mortals need practise.

How well this concealer works is really down to trial and error. I wore it to the theatre (sweltering!) one night and I was taken aback by how good my skin looked and how matt it stayed.

I wore it to work, checked my make up on the bus and saw my skin had an unnatural, shiny, orangey/brown cast to it. It’s a work in progress.


I know this concealer works because it was demonstrated on me by the make up artist who created it – Ariane Poole. We were attending the same event at Waterhouse Young (there will be a feature on this fabulous skin care clinic in the coming weeks). I recognised her first from her voice,  before I saw her. 

You know that annoying thing people do when they find out that they’re talking to a doctor? You know, they ask them about their clicky knee or to take a quick look at a funny bump on their toe? Well, I homed in on Ariane, who, in real life, is funny and approachable (just as well, I bet she gets women asking for make up advice everywhere she goes).

My problem was that after a couple of glasses of champagne my rosacea was on red alert – I mean, literally! Ariane used this concealer on me and explained why I should be using dabs of the darker colour as well as the light and medium shades (skin will take on an unnatural looking ‘ashen’ shade if you only use the lighter colours).

Her touch was very light and she showed me exactly what to do and asked me to compare one side of my face to the other, result? Redness – gone!

Rosacea, broken veins, high colouring – this clever, lightweight concealer will make them vanish.

I just want to see how easy it is for me to use, how long it lasts, will it make my skin shiny, how easy it is to blend etc.


The BEST concealer I have ever found (having worn make up for 30 years!). Excellent coverage.

I like the fact that there are 3 different shades of concealer to get the correct shade for your skin.

I am now on my fourth repeat purchase, since finding this concealer. I too suffer from facial redness.

Here’s a video from Ariane, explaining more about the technique and the product.

Ariane Poole Concealer £19.00

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