CLARINS Resculpting Beauty Flash Roller

CLARINS Resculpting Beauty Flash Roller
Background photo by Forest Simon on Unsplash

I first spotted this Clarins beauty tool nearly a year ago but it was sold out absolutely everywhere. I was beginning to wonder if it was a limited edition and would never see the light of day again. But, I finally received the ‘back in stock’ email last week and snapped it up immediately.

Admittedly, I was drawn in by the ruby red rollers and hadn’t noticed the handle which has the traditional Gua Sha curved shape.

Gua Sha, a traditional Chinese healing method is a form of face scraping, although I prefer the term face sculpting. The method really blew up on social media a few years ago. It utilises a curved flat stone, usually jade or rose quartz though it’s the shape and technique, not really the material that’s important, I have a small stainless steel one. This is gently glided over the skin. It it can be used on the body as well, to help lymphatic drainage, depuff and stimulate blood flow.

Of course, the initial ‘sculpting effect’ is temporary, you’re just draining excess fluid from your face. But you know, for the days when you’ve woken up with a face like a football, you want to start the day looking at least semi-human.


A 2-in-1, spa-inspired facial massage tool that promotes lymphatic drainage to visibly lift and sculpt contours while boosting skin’s radiance.

The easy-to-use, ergonomic design works in two ways to boost the skin’s glow.

The multi-angled face rollers offer a decongesting effect to instantly revitalise tired-looking skin on the cheeks, jawline, and around the eyes.

The curved edge – inspired by traditional Chinese Gua Sha – hugs the contours of the face, gently pressing down on acupressure points to support microcirculation and help release toxins while promoting instant radiance and visibly lifted, sculpted features.

Use the curved side with your favourite moisturiser or oil for a professional at-home spa experience that enhances the efficacy of treatments. Face rollers can be used on bare skin. – True, but more comfortable with a little slip on the skin ie serum, a facial oil or moisturier.

The first thing that surprised me was the weight of the box and the design, this tool is a thing of beauty.

The handle appears to be ceramic, it’s smooth and feels heavy but not fragile although I wouldn’t like to drop it on a tiled floor. The red globes are made from sturdy plastic.

It’s an absolute joy to use though, the long sides are perfectly shaped to the contours of your face whichever way you use it. Chin, cheeks, upper eyelids, neck – especially if you can get someone to massage the back of your neck (bliss) and of course the body.

Always work from centre out using very gentle pressure and I would suggest you always use it with serum or oil or a slippy moisturiser. I found out the hard way that the rollers can pinch a little if the skin is bare.

Skin is a little pink afterward but that’s the blood pumping. I use it with a few drops of Sisley’s Black Rose Oil (£124.95) from AllBeauty * but really any product that helps the tool to glide over your skin will do.

Now, this is not really a negative, but I feel the UK marketing for this product is poor and there’s been not much thought put into the instruction leaflet.

I had to look online for a comprehensive demonstration and this one is the best by far from Clarins Singapore.

I bought mine from the official Clarins website, they always have great samples and travel-sized products on offer.

CLARINS Resculpting Beauty Flash Roller £38.00

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