Christmas Gift Ideas From £1.50 to £4.99

xmas gift ideas
There’s some right old tat for sale on the net labelled ‘Stocking Filler’ that I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. My gift buying rule is, if *I* wouldn’t want it as a present, then I don’t buy it.

Here’s a little selection that I did buy and I’m pretty pleased with myself!

UNDER £2.00

Sweetheart Ceramic Trinket Box £1.50 (P&P £2.95 though) DotComGiftShop
Great value, very girly and I’ve seen similar ones on sale for a lot more.

Ceramic trinket box


Blinking adorable! I bought this as a gift for someone else… But having second thoughts on giving it away…

Takes pride of place on my granddaughters windowsill – she now wants me to order more so she can have a proper collection. For cuteness and size this item is very good value.

Gorgeous, so nice I ordered 1 for myself. Excellent price. Great service. Highly recommend!

Ah, so cute! Very reasonable price for a pretty trinket box. I’ve used mine in the kitchen to store cupcake decorations. Looks sweet on the counter.

Call the Midwife Lip Balm 10g Now £1.75 (was £3.50, no wonder it didn’t sell) Marks & Spencer
A little gimmicky tie in to the show, but I think it makes for a cute stocking filler (probably the only item here that would fit into a stocking).
Call the Midwife Lip Balm

Small White Wicker Heart £1.95 (was £3.95) DotComGiftShop
Superb value and again, the reviews say it’s well made.
Small White Wicker Heart


Really well made heart and an excellent size for any room I reckon. Easily decorated with the changing seasons but equally lovely left plain. Excellent value.

I ordered a couple of these and they are far better quality than expected. Fantastic value for money.

UNDER £3.00
Large White Heart Of Wicker £2.95 (was £6.95) DotComGiftShop
Height: 37cm Width: 36cm
Large White Heart Of Wicker


Really good quality for the price. I was expecting lower quality and a smaller size simply because of the price, but I’m pleasantly surprised! Looks fantastic on my bathroom wall, a nice ‘fresh, clean’ feel.

Beautiful wicker heart, hanging on my front door, much to my husband’s disgust! < Ha! I’m with you girl, I’m going to do the same – bought 3 of them!

UNDER £4.00

1920s Ladies Print Storage Tin John Lewis £3.60 (was £6.00)
I love this, VERY Downton Abbey. Other designs available.
Ladies Print Storage Tin

Top Gear 3-in-1 Originals Body Wash 500ml £4.00 Marks & Spencer
A silly, daft, blokey present for your silly daft bloke.

Top Gear Body Wash

Sass & Belle White Metal Jewellery Tree £4.00 BHS
This is actually rather nice and looks well made.
Sass & Belle White Metal Jewellery Tree

Tealight Holder Tortoise-Shell Effect £4.00 Tesco (low stock, my fault)
There’s something about tortoise-shell glass that’s luxurious.
Tealight Holder Tortoise Shell Effect

UNDER £5.00

Blackboard Ceramic Piggy Bank Money Box With Chalk £4.99 Tesco
I really like this, plus you could write anything you wanted on it!
Blackboard Ceramic Piggy Bank Money Box With Chalk

5 Minute Shower Timer £5.00 John Lewis
I know this might seem a little expensive for what it is, but this is something I actually really need for one of my sons (he’ll hate it of course!).
5 Minute Shower Timer

At the time of writing this post, everything here is in stock. Quite a few of these items were originally priced far too high and I’m not surprised they didn’t sell. I think they’re now excellent value for the money!

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