Cheaper than Botox – A face softening fringe!

Fringes older women 1

Fringes are an older woman’s best friend, they can add interest to a hair style but more importantly, soften our facial features by framing the face. Forget about the age of the models above (although there is a generous sprinkling of the over 40s), and focus on the texture of the hair – fine, full, wispy, wavy or straight. There’s a style of fringe (or ‘bangs’ for US readers) to suit every hair type.

I prefer an almost full, ‘just sits on my eyebrows’ fringe. Those high on the forehead, blunt cut fringes only suit the young, although pixie cuts can look stunning on older women – think Judi Dench, Jamie Lee Curtis.

Fringes older women 2

Looking at the above photos, I’m toying with the idea of a gentle side swept fringe as I think they’re particularly flattering for fine hair.

Another huge fringe benefit (sorry!) is that when you have a lazy bad hair day, you can get away with just shampooing (and conditioning) your fringe and yet still look pulled together.


A fringe needs maintenance to stop it from looking straggly, but if you have a regular hairdresser, they will trim the fringe in between haircuts without charge.

Fringe hair is usually in good condition as the old ends are regularly snipped off and we don’t tend to use straightening irons on them. Anyone with a fringe will tell you that if you straighten a fringe with irons, it will go all stiff and wiggy.

I have seen lots of You Tube tutorials with people expertly curling their fringe with irons, but it just doesn’t work for me, I also think it’s best left to those with thicker hair.

To ‘curl’ my fringe, I use a hard velcro fringe roller by Sleep-In Rollers. The Fringe Roller £4.50 Feel Unique The soft velcro ones just don’t seem to work as well on a fringe, there’s a tendency for them to make the fringe kink and the shape doesn’t hold as well.

A dedicated fringe roller is extra long, the sleep-In one is 11cm (just over 4 inches in ‘old money’). It will give you a super bouncy rolled curl (especially if you use a good quality hair mousse), that you can flatten down to look more natural, but, it will hold all day.

Sleep-In Fringe Roller

You can buy fringe rollers from Amazon for £3.00 but I can’t vouch for the quality, the Sleep-In one, though expensive, is sturdy and won’t bend out of shape. The velcro grips, but isn’t scratchy.

You can of course use a big barrelled round brush on your fringe to create lift, but only a hard roller will maintain hold all day.

As for other hair care products, you can use anything you use for the rest of your hair, just go easy on serum, oil or wax. Fringes can all too easily become greasy, the only thing you can do if you put apply too much product is shampoo and start again. The most you need is a little serum to tame the ends.

Straight Across Fringe

How to style bangs – Family Circle

Comb out wet fringe. Focus heat from above with a blow-dryer fitted with nozzle and use a paddle brush to pull fringe to the right for five seconds, then to the left. Repeat going back and forth until fringe is completely dry. To nix flyaways, finish by holding the brush underneath with dryer set on cool.

Side-Swept Fringe

How to style side swept bangs – Family Circle

Wrap fringe around a 2.5-inch round brush and pull away from the side you wear them (i.e., if yours go to the right, start by drying to the left.) Move dryer side to side from above for 10 seconds as you smooth strands. Then bring pieces over in half-inch sections. Pin in place while they cool to hold shape.

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