Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer Powder Light Blonde

Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer Powder Light BlondeCharles Worthington Instant Root Concealer Powder is a purse friendly(ish) root regrowth concealer. It’s not a new idea, expensive high-end versions have been around for years, I think Bumble & Bumble were the first ones.

This is a tinted powder, designed to blend in regrowth and prolong your next visit to the hairdresser and save your hair from frequent chemical processes.

Our range of Instant Root Concealers create immediate root coverage that will delay the need to frequently colour your hair.

With a targeted integrated brush, the powder will deliver natural (um…) coverage that is easily applied even around the hairline, and simply washes out after use.
  • Instantly covers grey hair and root regrowth
  • Temporary, washes out
  • Blends in seamlessly, buildable coverage
  • Perfect for all types of coloured hair including highlighted hair
  • Natural look
  • Against animal testing
  • Paraben free


Wear a towel around shoulders to protect clothing. Section desired area and apply powder directly, steadily building and blending the colour to create even coverage.

For best results apply to dry, styled hair and set with hairspray. To prime, (gently) tap the brush head firmly on a hard surface until powder begins to release.


Have been using this product for few weeks now and find it’s great for a quick fix. Powder is gentle and not false looking (yes it is) and above all a great match for light blond hair. (no it isn’t)

It’s easy to use, (nope) just take the top off the case and dab the brush onto the roots, it will start to build up a colour and then just looks quite normal. (uh uh)

The brush is fine so doesn’t hurt your scalp. (true) Lasts for quite a while and washes out easily. Would recommend this product if your hair needs a quick touch up, takes a few mins, can take out in handbag and use on the go. (Who keeps a root concealer in their handbag and touches up their roots when they’re out and about?)

I was concerned that this product would be messy (it IS messy!) to use as it is a powder, but it was easy to use with no powder flying everywhere (OMG! You fibber!)

It is great that you can build the colour by applying more, as blonde hair tends to have lots of different tones. (Whereas this has just one, flat one).

I found that because it was a powder, it blended in well and did not just ‘sit on top’ of the hair like you’d painted it on. There was no trace of powder in my hair, which was another thing I had been concerned about. (Enough with the porkies!) It definitely made my brown roots more blonde.


I have naturally blonde hair which gets bleached by the sun, so I do get a darker regrowth, but I did not find it made any difference to my hair.

A lot of product was lost from either the fact it was so fine and just blew away, or the brush, lid and container ended up full of the powder too so it was a messy product to keep on the bathroom shelf. (THIS!)

I think these types of products may work on darker hair and would also be less noticeable that you have powder in your hair. (100% agree)

I’m going to have to side with the second batch of reviews.

Admittedly, I got off to a bad start. The powder managed to work its way into the lid without me even opening it. It collected so much powder that it spilled everywhere when I did prise it open. As someone said above, the powder is indeed very fine and flies all over the place.

It’s faintly, but pleasantly scented. The super soft brush, which is prone to splaying almost immediately is, in my opinion, far too big to accurately target regrowth.

My first problem is the shade ‘Light Blonde’ – an unnatural looking yellow. I saw the colour in the bottle and chose it because the alternative, ‘Dark Blonde’ was a dirty looking, muddy light brown. If you have bleached blonde hair that’s turned a nasty, brassy yellow, then this is the shade to go for.

My second niggle – apart from the mess of dabbing it on my hair, was that it turned my scalp bright yellow. The powder clung to my roots (which to be fair, that’s what it was designed to do), but then ventured onto my scalp and wouldn’t budge.

It took a lot of rubbing with wet cotton wool pads to get rid of the colour. The only thing that saved me was a lot of brushing and generous spray of Philip Kingsley’s One More Day dry shampoo – an absolute life saver!

I didn’t get on with this product at all. The colour was completely off and unnatural, it dulled my hair and was messy to use. Not for me.

The darker shades – brown, and dark brown (no black, which is weird) might look more natural.

Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer Powder Light Blonde £9.99 Boots

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